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How To Get A Concealed Carry Permit in Alabama


Anyone wondering about how to get a concealed carry permit in AL should consider using an online certification course. AL concealed carry rules allow for reciprocity with many other states, which makes the entire process easier. Concealed carry Alabama certification is now simple, private, and requires no in-class attendance. The following sub-sections explain exactly how anyone who meets the minimum qualifications can obtain their permit.



How To Get A Concealed Carry Permit in Alabama


Anyone wondering about how to get a concealed carry permit in AL should consider using an online certification course. AL concealed carry rules allow for reciprocity with many other states, which makes the entire process easier. Concealed carry Alabama certification is now simple, private, and requires no in-class attendance. The following sub-sections explain exactly how anyone who meets the minimum qualifications can obtain their permit.


How State Reciprocity Works


Depending on a person’s residency status, a concealed carry permit issued by the State of Virginia is valid. In fact, it is legally valid in 37 states of the U.S. and Alabama is one of those states.

Here’s how the reciprocity system works. Alabama residents who meet the minimum legal requirements (see the section below entitled “Are There Minimum Qualifications?”) simply apply for a concealed carry permit with the State of Virginia. Virginia’s legislature passed a law that allows for anyone who lives in any state to get a Virginia CC permit.

Once you have a Virginia CC permit in hand, you can utilize the State of Alabama’s reciprocity laws and simply use the Virginia CC license as being valid in Alabama. There’s no need, once you have the Virginia concealed carry permit, to do any paperwork or go through legal red tape with the State of Alabama because of the reciprocity agreement between the states.

It’s worth noting that legal arrangements like this one are not unusual, and don’t just apply to gun owners. It’s widely known that most U.S. states have reciprocity agreements in effect for teachers, doctors, massage therapists, hair stylists, psychologists and many more professions. These agreements let people move more freely from state to state without having to take an entirely new set of exams for their profession. Reciprocity agreements are the reason you are able to drive your car across the U.S. without having to obtain a drivers’ license in each state on your route.

Fortunately, Virginia’s reciprocity law with regard to concealed carry permits makes life less complicated for gun owners. The key part of Virginia’s law is the provision that allows “out of state” residents apply for a Virginia permit. That permit, after you get it, is then good in 37 U.S. states, so there’s no need for Alabama residents to duplicate the effort.

Simply go online and take the qualifying test for gun safety and education and you’ll be ready to apply for the Virginia concealed permit.


What Does The Online Course Contain?


It’s important to choose carefully when opting for an online qualification course. Always make certain

that the teachers are certified, experienced and are actually able to deliver understandable

explanations. High-definition video classes are also a plus for people who want to learn the material, see the visual aids clearly, and enjoy a high-quality production.

US Concealed Online is one of the most respected providers in the nation that offers an online safety training lesson. The course fulfills the State of Virginia’s entire requirement for the “training and education” portion of their application for concealed carry.

Those who pass the course can then choose to go to the next step and download the certificate of completion. Note that the training (done completely online via HD video) and subsequent exam are required for obtaining the Virginia permit. After downloading the documented certificate, the course instructors at US Concealed Online give all students a detailed “map” for the remaining steps that need to be completed on the Virginia application. It’s not a complicated affair, but because it’s a state law that involves firearms all the boxes need to be checked.

The “handgun training and education” portion of the Virginia application is complete once you have watched the online tutorial and taken the test. After that, there’s a modest amount of paperwork on the application and then you wait for approval from the State of Virginia.

Of course, there are some federal and state requirements (State of Virginia, that is) for who can take the test and who can eventually obtain a concealed carry reciprocity permit. Those qualifications are mostly set by U.S. or Virginia law and need to be followed closely. The requirements are detailed in the following section.


Are There Minimum Qualifications?


The first thing to understand is that virtually any U.S. citizen is allowed to apply for the concealed carry permit with the State of Virginia. The minimum requirements for applicants who are able to be approved are few, but consistently enforced.

You will need to be at least 21 years old, a legal U.S. citizen, and able to pass the Virginia state background check. On top of that, you can’t have any felonies on your record or have been declared “mentally incompetent.” The huge majority of applicants are able to clear these relatively low hurdles. Unless you have a checkered legal background, you stand a good chance of getting through this first rung of the qualification criteria.

Next, you will need to have no more than one misdemeanor convictions within the prior five years. One is okay, but two or more are not okay. There is also a qualification criterion that deals with assault: You cannot have been convicted of any kind of assault to get through the background check.

Finally, you cannot have a “dishonorable” military discharge on your record, and you cannot be currently addicted to any substance declared “illegal” by the State of Virginia.

That might seem like a lot of requirements but it’s actually par for the course when it comes to state requirements for firearms permits. So, as long as you don’t have a significant criminal past, haven’t been dishonorably discharged from the military, aren’t addicted to drugs or mentally unfit, you should be able to get through the screening. The truth is that 99 percent of applicants already know if they have problems that will block their approval and simply decide not to seek a concealed carry permit.

On the other hand, the majority of over-21 U.S. citizens can pass the screening process and eventually obtain a concealed carry permit through the State of Virginia and carry a firearm in 37 U.S. states.

Is The Course Valid for Alabama Certification?


When you apply for a concealed carry permit through Virginia, that state has an official legal requirement called “Documentation of Competence” for handgun ownership. That documentation is the “training” section of the application for state and out-of-state residents (like Alabama applicants). The online course with US Concealed Online completely fulfills the Virginia requirement for training. The course trainer has decades of handgun experience both as an owner and an instructor. The course materials are used in every state of the U.S., are nationally recognized, and easy to understand for anyone who pays attention to the video lessons. The course exceeds the criteria set forth in Virginia’s legal requirements for handgun certification training.

Handgun training programs need to meet the State of Virginia threshold, so it is important to make sure that whatever course you take is sufficient in the eyes of the State of Virginia.

What Exactly Is Handgun Safety?


The topic of handgun safety is a wide area of knowledge. New concealed carry applicants need not be PhD’s in the field, but do need to comprehend the essential facts about safety, the parts of a standard handgun, and how to properly store a gun. Most state CC permit training requires live classroom instruction that is not much more than listening to a lecture an watching a short video. The “in person” requirement is usually nothing more than a way for a particular state (not Virginia, by the way!) to collect large course fees from applicants.

Virginia’s reciprocity law and their recognition of valid online training is a positive development for gun enthusiasts who don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on in-class instruction. Online courses fill this need wonderfully, and can be excellent ways to learn the basic facts about handgun safety and training.

For those new to gun ownership, it’s important to understand how firearms work, how to keep them in top condition, and how to store them properly. Also, the basics of how to use a gun are essential for new users, many of whom have limited experience with guns or have never owned a firearm.

Of course, the key to proper instruction is a competent teacher. Always make certain that any online course you take is led by someone who has an extensive background in gun safety and use.


Alabama Concealed Weapons


Law-abiding citizens in search of a concealed weapon permit, specifically an Alabama concealed carry license now have a fast and efficient way to get one. Alabama concealed carry permits can be obtained by using the state’ reciprocity law with the State of Virginia. Gun owners who desire a concealed carry license Alabama credential can get everything they need online.


Alabama Concealed Carry Classes Online


An Alabama concealed carry permit application is the ultimate goal for state residents who want to carry a firearm for protection or any other reason. Often, those unfamiliar with local laws search online for subjects like “how to get concealed carry permit in Alabama” and related phrases. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s actually a complicated way to go about things. It’s important to remember that Alabama concealed carry requirements allow citizens to take an online course as the first step of the process.


A Straightforward Online Course


The concealed carry permit Alabama application begins, in essence, with an easy-to-understand online course. Once a person passes the course, they have completed the first step. The next move is to attach the completion certificate to an official State of Virginia “non-resident” concealed carry application. Because of the reciprocity laws between Virginia and Alabama, concealed carry permit Alabama classes can be taken online in the privacy of one’s home or office. Concealed carry permit Alabama classes are affordable, logically laid out, and the short test at the end is a great learning tool for gun owners.


Final Thoughts


Owning and knowing how to use a handgun is a huge responsibility. Citizens who embark on a path that leads to ownership and responsible gun use are taking in important step in fulfilling their Constitutional rights under U.S. law. No other nation in the world offers its citizens as many freedoms and rights as does the U.S. Constitution. As a famous person once said, “Those who don’t use the rights that have been bestowed upon them run the risk of losing those rights.”

Handgun ownership and the ability to carry a concealed handgun are among the most important rights any citizen, of any nation, can ever possess. If you begin the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit, remember the millions of Americans who, in wars long since forgotten, have given their lives so that you can live free and protect yourself when necessary.

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