Arizona allows constitutional carry in the state, but you can still apply for its pistol permit.

To do this, you must know all Arizona pistol permit requirements, as well as gun statutes relating to applying for the permit.

Arizona Gun Permit Summary

The public safety department is in charge of the Arizona gun permit application process.

It is a shall-issue state, and if you meet all requirements provided by the gun statutes, you will get the license.

There are no purchase permits in the state, but you must undergo a compulsory criminal record check, except you already own a pistol permit.

How To Get A Gun Permit In Arizona?

You can apply for an Arizona gun permit if you are a resident or non-resident within the age requirement of twenty-one years old or more.

However, since Arizona is a permitless carry state, you may still possess firearms without a permit.

Arizona Gun Permit Laws

Arizona handgun permit is for only concealed carry. The state does not issue any license for open carry.

The age requirement for open carry is eighteen years old, but this is just for those who do not have any prohibition against possessing firearms.

However, Arizona has location restrictions for open carry, with places like schools and government buildings indicated as off-limits by the gun statutes.

There are also firearm restrictions for assault weapons like machine guns and semi-automatic firearms.

The gun statutes prohibit the possession, manufacture, and purchase of these firearms except for law enforcement officers, members of the military, and those with appropriate licenses to possess them.

Arizona Gun Permit Requirements

To apply for an Arizona gun permit, you must meet the following requirements according to gun laws of the state:

  • You must meet the age requirement of at least twenty-one years old, except military members that must be nineteen years old or more.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America and a resident of Arizona.
  • You must complete any of Arizona licensed firearms training.
  • You must not have any ongoing criminal charges in the state.
  • You must not be a convict for a felony in Arizona.
  • You must not currently be a patient of any mental institution in or adjudicated as a mentally impaired person.
  • You must meet all federal law requirements for the application of gun permits.

Different Types Of Gun Permits In Arizona

A summary of Arizona pistol permit issued in the state are:

  • State permit to purchase long guns: Arizona does not issue a state permit to buy long guns.
  • State permits to purchase handguns: Arizona does not issue a state permit to buy guns.
  • State permit to open carry: Arizona is a permissive state, so there are no permits to open carry.
  • State permits to conceal carry long guns: Arizona does not issue a state permit to conceal handguns.
  • State permits to conceal carry handguns: Arizona issues a Pistol Permit to conceal carry guns in the state.

How Much Does A Pistol Permit Cost In Arizona?

The cost for pistol permit Arizona consists of the following:

  • New permit: Application for a new license costs sixty dollars.
  • Renewal permit: The price for renewal permits is forty-three dollars.
  • Replacement permit: You can replace your Arizona handgun permit if you lose it, you change your name, or someone steals it. The price for a replacement permit is ten dollars.

Gun Permit Application And Renewal Laws In Arizona.

If you meet all Arizona pistol permit requirements, you can begin the application process to get your license.

The process includes the following:

Understand The Gun Laws Statute

The first step you must fulfill before applying is to read and understand title thirteen of Arizona statute, from chapters four to thirty-one.

Complete Firearm Training

The next thing is to complete one of the required firearm training approved by the state government.

Application Request

Send a mail to the Arizona concealed weapon permit unit, requesting for the application package.

This comes with a form, multiple fingerprint cards, and an envelope. Complete the form and have your fingerprints taken.

Submit Your Application

Submit the application form to the permit unit after completing it, along with your fingerprint cards, your certificate of firearm training, and the required fee.

Receive Application Notification

You will receive a mail notifying you about an approved application.

Upon the expiry period of your permit, the weapon permit unit will send you a renewal package via mail to your residence address. This will be ninety days before the exact expiry date.

The package will contain the renewal application form and a return envelope. For those who do not receive the application package, there is an option of downloading and printing it online. Contact the permit unit if you are unable to do this.

The renewal permit processing is between ninety days before the permit expires, and sixty days after it expires. If you still need a license after these sixty days, then you have to apply for a new one.

There is a seventy-five-day processing period before you receive the renewal permit.

Gun Permit Reciprocity With Arizona

Arizona allows the possession of firearms without a permit for non-residents who are at least twenty-one years old.

The state has a permitless carry policy.

Other aspects of Arizona gun permit reciprocity include the following:

States Permit That Arizona Accepts

In Arizona, you can conceal carry with a firearm permit from any part state in the USA. However, this is not important because Arizona is a permitless state, and there is no need for a license to open carry.

States That Recognizes Arizona Pistol Permits

You can make use of Arizona handgun permits in these states because they have a reciprocity deal with Arizona. They include the following:

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • Puerto Rico

States That Have Restricted Reciprocity With Arizona

You can make use of Arizona pistol permits in these states, but unlike the previous ones, there are specific requirements you must meet before you conceal carry with an Arizona pistol permit in these states. The states are:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina

States With Permitless Policies

Just like Arizona, these states do not need a permit for the possession of a firearm within their jurisdiction. They include:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

FAQs About Gun Permits In Arizona

Answers to some of Arizona most frequently asked questions about pistol permits include the following:

Must I Obtain A Pistol License Arizona Before I concealed carry In The State?

No, Arizona is a permitless carry state, and you do not need a license to possess firearms. However, the state still issues a concealed weapon permits

How Long Is Arizona Firearm Permit Valid?

Arizona concealed handgun permit is valid for five years, after which you have to apply for a renewal.

Is Arizona Firearm Permit Available For Non-residents Of The State?

Yes, the Arizona firearm permit application is available for residents and non-residents of the state, and the application process is similar.

However, non-residents must be able to prove firearm competency by undergoing any approved training in their state of residence.

Also, non-residents can make use of their home permits as proof for completing firearm training.

How Do I Change Name And Address On My Arizona Pistol Permit?

If you have any reason to change your name or home of residence on your Arizona handgun permit, then you have to get a replacement permit.

Reach out to the local county sheriff to generate the replacement permit and send it via mail to you.

What Can I Do If I Lost My Arizona Pistol Permit Or It Gets Stolen?

Reach out to the sheriff’s office in your local county for a replacement permit.

When Can I Apply For Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit After Moving To The State?

You can apply for the Arizona handgun permit at any time since there is no disparity between residents and non-residents permits.

Can I Make Use Of Arizona Pistol Permit After Moving To Another State In The USA?

Yes, the permit is valid until its next expiry date.

Do I Need A Pistol Permit To Open Carry In Arizona?

No, Arizona does not issue a pistol permit for open carry in the state.

You can open carry if you are eighteen or more without a federal or state prohibition to make use of firearms.

What Is The Age Requirement To Apply For Arizona Handgun License?

You must be at least twenty-one years old to apply for an Arizona pistol permit, except you are a member of the United States Armed Forces, then you must be at least nineteen years old.

Do I need A Permit To Purchase Firearms In Arizona?

No, Arizona does not issue a permit for the purchase of firearms.

Do I Still Have to Complete Arizona Criminal Record Background Check If I Have A Pistol Permit?

No, Arizona pistol permit exempts the holder from a criminal record background check.

Do I Need Arizona Pistol Permit To Possess Firearms In My Private Property?

No, you do not need a permit to possess firearms in your home, any property you own, your workplace, or private car.

Must I Undergo A Firearm Training Before I Apply For A Pistol Permit In Arizona?

Yes, you must complete any of the state-approved firearm training before you apply for an Arizona handgun permit.

A state certified-instructor must be in charge of the training.

What Is The Processing Period For Pistol Permits In Arizona?

The processing period for a pistol permit in Arizona is seventy-five days.

Is Arizona A Preemption Gun Law State?

Arizona has full preemption gun law, with the state government reserving all rights to regulate and restrict the possession of firearms in every jurisdiction.

Any political subdivision that is guilty of conflicting Arizona gun laws by a law gun will get fined up to fifty thousand dollars.

Can I Conceal Carry While Hunting In Arizona?

You can conceal carry and possess legal firearms and ammunition while hunting in Arizona.

But it is unlawful to take down wildlife with your firearm. It is only meant for self-defense purposes.

What Is The Minimum Age To Possess And Transport Firearms In Arizona?

The minimum age to possess firearms in Arizona is eighteen years old, anybody below this age limit is a minor.

Relevant Gun Permit Laws And Legislature in Arizona

Some of the Arizona gun permits you should keep in mind, especially if it has to open or concealed carry of firearms:

Possession Of Firearms

Arizona regulates the possession of firearms in the following ways:

Possession In Private Vehicles

According to [Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 13-3102(A)(2) and (H)] you can possess firearms or similar weapons in your private car without a permit.

Possession In Roadside Areas

Arizona gun statutes do not prohibit the possession of firearms in roadside areas of the state.

Possession In State Parks, Forests, And Wildlife Management Areas

According to [Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 17-305], you can possess firearms in these places.

Possession Of Firearms In Restaurant And Bar Areas

You can conceal carry in bar areas with or without your Arizona handgun permit as long as you are not under the influence, and no posts are prohibiting the possession of firearms.

[Ariz. Rev. Stat. §§ 4-229(A), 4-244(29)(c) and (30)(c)]

Possession Of Firearms In Hotels

There are no gun laws in Arizona concerning the possession of firearms in hotels or similar establishments.

These places are allowed to have their policies to prohibit firearms as decided by the management.

Possession Of Firearms In Workplaces

A landowner or employee in an organization cannot have policies against the possession of a firearm by a person who has legal rights to do so in a compartment of a private car or any other vehicle such that it is not visible to the public.

Arizona gun statutes also require that employers or property owners should have designated areas or garage for the parking of vehicles, such that:

  • There is a physical barrier to secure it, such as a fence.
  • There is a guard or security in place to guide the areas.
  • It has temporary storage for firearms.

There is another alternative garage for legal firearm owners who prefer to store weapons in their cars.

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