Hawaii is one of the states with stringent gun permit laws and policies.

There is also the discretion to issue a pistol permit based on a person’s reason for obtaining the license.

To apply for the license, you must be familiar with all Hawaii pistol permit laws.

Hawaii Gun Permit Summary

Hawaii has a May-issue policy, and the county chief or the local sheriff’s office will only issue a permit to anyone with reasonable fear for personal injury or loss of property.

To buy firearms in the state, you must complete a purchase permit after completing the criminal record background check.

How To Get A Gun Permit In Hawaii?

Hawaii gun permit is available for anyone that is twenty-one years old or more and is legally liable to possess a firearm without federal or state prohibition.

Hawaii pistol permit is for both open and concealed carry.

Hawaii Gun Permit Laws

Hawaii is a licensed open carry state, and anybody who has a pistol permit can use it for both open and concealed carry in the state.

The possession of a firearm without a permit in Hawaii is a class B felony, and a person can face prosecution for this.

Hawaii Pistol Permit Requirements

To apply for Hawaii pistol permit, the requirements to meet include the following:

  • You must be at least twenty-one years, the age requirement for concealed carry.
  • You must be a legal resident of Hawaii.
  • You must prove a reason for the use of firearms, like a threat of life or property.
  • You must not have any prohibition for the possession of firearms according to gun laws in Hawaii.
  • You must not have any mental incapacitation as adjudged by Hawaii gun laws.
  • You must meet the requirements to use a firearm by passing a training course.
  • Must meet all federal requirements to use firearms.

Different Types Of Gun Permits In Hawaii

A summary of firearms permits in Hawaii includes the following:

  • State permit to purchase long guns: Hawaii issues a state permit to buy long guns.
  • State permits to purchase handguns: Hawaii issues a state permit to purchase handguns.
  • State permit to open carry: Hawaii is a licensed open carry state, so you must have a license for open carry.
  • State permits to conceal carry long guns: Hawaii does not issue a state permit to conceal handguns.
  • State permits to conceal carry handguns: Hawaii issues a pistol permit to conceal carry handguns in the state.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Gun License In Hawaii?

The cost for an initial permit application in Hawaii is ten dollars. However, fingerprinting costs forty-two dollars.

Gun Permit Reciprocity In Hawaii

Hawaii does not honor a gun permit from any other state in the USA.

However, other aspects of its reciprocity with other states include the following:

States That Recognizes Hawaii Pistol Permit

In these states, you can make use of a firearm as long as you have a permit issued by the Hawaii government. However, you must possess firearms according to the gun laws of these states. They are:

  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Puerto Rico

States With Permitless Carry

These are constitutional carry states in the United States of America, and the only requirement to possess firearms in these states is just to meet the minimum age:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

FAQs About Gun Permits In Hawaii

Some of the most frequently asked questions centered around Hawaii gun license, its details, and how to apply or renew includes the following:

Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry Firearms In Hawaii?

Yes. It is a class B felony to conceal carry in Hawaii without a pistol license.

How Long Is The Validity Period For Hawaii Gun License?

Hawaii pistol permit is valid for only a year.

Can Non-Residents Apply For Hawaii Firearm Permits?

No, Hawaii does not issue a permit to non-residents of the state.

However, non-residents can bring firearms into Hawaii for activities like hunting, and this is only if they have a hunting permit.

Other situations where non-residents can make use of firearms in Hawaii include when they have a shooting permit or any form of permission to shoot on private properties or range in the state.

Furthermore, any firearm that arrives in Hawaii must undergo registration at a police station within at least seventy-two hours of arrival.

How Can I Change The Name And Address On My Hawaii Concealed Weapon License?

Contact your local county or the sheriff’s office for a change of name or address on Hawaii’s firearm license.

What Can I Do If I Lost My Hawaii Pistol Permit Or It Gets Stolen?

Contact a local police station or the office of a sheriff in a local county.

How Soon Can I Apply For Hawaii Pistol Permit After Moving To The State?

Hawaii issues a pistol permit to only residents of the state, and this is via a local county sheriff’s office.

However, a person must have reasons for the use of a firearm before applying for the pistol permit.

Upon establishing residency in Hawaii, you can visit the local county and apply for a pistol permit.

Can I Make Use Of My Hawaii Pistol Permit After Moving To Another State In The Country?

No. Upon permanently moving to another state in the USA, the permit expires and becomes invalid immediately.

Do I Need An Hawaii Pistol Permit To Open Carry In The State?

Yes. Hawaii pistol permit is for both open and concealed carry in the state.

Hawaii is a licensed open carry state, and anybody that openly uses a firearm without a permit is guilty of a class B felony.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Apply For Hawaii Pistol Permit?

The minimum age requirement for the application of a pistol permit in Hawaii is twenty-one years old.

Do I need A Permit To Purchase Firearms In Hawaii?

Yes. It is compulsory to obtain a purchase permit before the possession of firearms in Hawaii.

What Is The Validity Period Of Hawaii Purchase Permit?

Hawaii’s purchase permit expires after ten days from the time of issuing it.

Does My Firearm Permit Exempt Me From Completing A Criminal Record Background Check Before Buying Firearms In Hawaii?

Yes. If you have a Hawaii pistol permit, then you do not need to complete a criminal record background check before buying firearms in the state.

Do I Need A Hawaii Pistol Permit To Possess Firearms In My Private Property?

Yes. Nobody shall possess a firearm in any location, either a home or a personal property, without having a Hawaii Pistol permit.

Do I Need To Complete A Firearm Training Before Applying For Hawaii Pistol Permit?

Yes. Only applicants who complete any of the state-licensed courses can apply for a pistol permit.

Does Hawaii Have Ammunition And Firearm Restrictions?

Yes, the maximum rounds for magazines in a firearm must not exceed ten. Therefore it is a prohibition to make use of high capacity ammunition in the state.

Hawaii also bans the possession of armor-piercing and Teflon coated ammunition.

Furthermore, the possession of machine guns and similar assault weapons are not legal in Hawaii except for members of the military and law enforcement officers in the state.

Is Hawaii A Preemption Gun Law State?

No, local municipalities and areas in Hawaii have the authority to enact laws that regulate or prohibit the possession of firearms in particular areas within their boundaries.

Local authorities also have the rights to issue a Hawaii pistol permit to anyone that applies.

Can I Conceal Carry While Hunting In Hawaii?

No Hawaii gun law prohibits the possession of firearms for hunting even for a pistol permit holder.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement For Possession Of Firearms In Hawaii?

You must be at least twenty-one years old before you can possess firearms in Hawaii.

Relevant Gun Permit Laws And Legislature In Hawaii

Gun laws in Hawaii that relate to the use of gun permits include the following.

Possession Of Firearms In Private Vehicles

According to Hawaii statutes [Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-26] It is a prohibition to carry or possess a firearm in a private car on Hawaii highways, except the person has a pistol permit.

Possession Of Firearms In Road Side Areas Of The State

Hawaii gun laws indicate [Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-26] that It is legal to possess firearms in roadside areas as long as you are a pistol permit holder.

Possession Of Firearms In Parks, Forests, And Wildlife Management Areas

It is legal to carry firearms in state, forests, parks and wildlife management areas if you have a Hawaii pistol permit. [Haw. Rev. Stat. § 13-146-19]

Possession Of Firearms In Restaurants And Bars

There is no prohibition to conceal carry firearms in restaurants and bars for permit holders in Hawaii. The only exception to this is if there is a post prohibiting such.

Possession Of Firearms In Hotels Or Similar Establishments

Hawaii gun statutes do not control the possession of firearms on private properties in the state, and landowners can either choose to restrict or prohibit the possession of weapons in these areas.

Hotels fall into this category, and the management can come up with policies concerning the possession of firearms on their premises.

Possession Of Firearms In Worship Places

Hawaii gun laws do not prohibit the possession of firearms for permit holders in places of worship like church, mosques, and synagogues.

However, the governing body of these places may choose to prohibit firearms in the areas. They can either communicate this verbally or through signage.

Restricted Firearms And Ammunitions In Hawaii

The limit for magazine rounds in a handgun is ten rounds. And it is a prohibition for any gun to contain more than these rounds. Therefore, Hawaii prohibits large capacity handgun or ammunition.

Also, ammunition that can pierce armor, and those that are Teflon coated are illegal in Hawaii.

Process For Purchasing Handgun In Hawaii

You can only purchase a handgun in Hawaii through a federally licensed dealer or private transaction.

The first thing to do is completing the firearm acquisition form. You must also have a Hawaii pistol permit prior, so it is best if you are trying to buy the firearm after obtaining the gun permit.

Other documents you will need for a purchase permit include:

  • A purchase receipt for the firearm that contains the type of gun, the model, and its serial number.
  • A completed permit to purchase firearms.
  • A mode of identification which could be either a driver’s license or Hawaii state identification card.
  • Proof that you are a legal citizen of the United States Of America.
  • Proof that you completed firearm training, with a signature from the state-certified instructor.
  • The necessary fees.

Furthermore, you must provide consent for a mental health checkup and a criminal record background check that includes taking your fingerprints.

After completing this process, you have to wait for at least fourteen days to collect your purchase permit. With the permit, you can buy a firearm.

Hawaii’s purchase permit expires after ten days from when issued. Upon expiration, the license remains invalid and unusable for the purchase of a firearm.

To buy another firearm, you must reapply for a new permit.

Firearm Training For Hawaii Pistol License

There are no requirements to apply for firearm training before concealed or open carry in Hawaii. Still, it is mandatory for anyone that wants to apply for a pistol permit or a purchase permit in the state.

Hawaii gun statutes say that nobody can possess a firearm in the state except he or she undergoes:

  • A licensed hunter course in the state.
  • Any firearm training organized by a law enforcement agency in the state or any of its political subdivisions that are open to members of the general public.
  • Any firearm training organized for security agents, deputy sheriffs, peace officers and law enforcement officers in Hawaii or any other political subdivision of the state.
  • Any firearm training organized by a state-certified instructor or an NRA licensed instructor or any licensed military instructor that consists of at least two hours’ live fire session and at least a four hours’ classroom session that includes:
  • Safe handling and storing of firearms at home.
  • Teaching the applicants about Hawaii gun laws.

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