Idaho gun permit is available in the state even though it has a permitless policy.

The state passed a bill in twenty-twenty that allows the possession of firearms for self-defense reasons, for anyone that is eighteen years old or more.

To obtain the state permit, you must meet all Idaho gun license law requirements.

Idaho Gun Permit Summary

Idaho is a shall-issue state with the permit application conducted by the local sheriff office in a county.

The state does not issue purchase permits, but buyers must complete the criminal record check, except he or she possesses an Idaho gun license.

How To Get A Gun Permit In Idaho?

The application of gun permits in Idaho is available for non-residents and people that have lived in the state for at least six months.

The permit is only for concealed carry.

Idaho Gun Permit Laws

In Idaho, there is no need to obtain a pistol permit for open carry if you are eighteen years old or more, and you do not have any prohibition against possessing firearms.

However, the possession of a firearm in some particular locations is off-limit. These include places like schools, a court of law, and government buildings.

Idaho gun permits allow machine guns and similar assault weapons for those who have a federal license. Also, the possession of such firearms must comply with federal regulations.

Idaho Pistol Permit Requirements

To apply for Idaho pistol permit, you must meet the requirements provided by gun laws in the state. These requirements include:

  • You must be at least twenty-one years old to apply for the Idaho gun permit.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States and a legal resident of Idaho.
  • You must not be someone who has renounced the country’s citizenship in the past.
  • You must complete an Idaho firearm class from a recognized course.
  • You must be a resident of Idaho for more than six months.
  • You must not be charged for any kind of crime that had you imprisoned for more than a year.
  • You must not be a fugitive or have an arrest warrant in your name.
  • You must not be an illicit user of drugs, stimulants, or other substances that are under the control of the Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • You must not lack mental capacity following Idaho law.
  • You must not be mentally impaired.
  • You must not be a disabled person in accordance with Idaho state laws.
  • You must not be an incapacitated person, according to Idaho state laws.
  • You must not be dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces.
  • You must not be guilty or in probation for a misdemeanor, violent activities, like using physical force against another person and adjourned as a threat to anyone. An exception to this is a completed probation period.
  • You must not be guilty of any crime that has to do with breaking Idaho gun permit laws or having a sentence for a permit prohibited case.
  • You must not have a judge’s restriction or protection in your name.
  • You must meet all other federal laws that have to do with applying for a CCW permit.

Different Types Of Gun Permits In Idaho

A summary of firearms permits issued in Idaho includes the following:

  • State permit to purchase long guns: Idaho does not issue a state permit to buy long guns.
  • State permits to purchase handguns: Idaho does not issue a state permit to purchase handguns.
  • State permit to open carry: Idaho is a permissive state, so no permit required to open carry.
  • State permits to conceal carry long guns: Idaho does not issue a state permit to conceal handguns.
  • State permits to conceal carry handguns: Idaho issues a pistol permit to conceal carry handguns in the state.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Gun License In Idaho?

The price for Idaho pistol license application is twenty dollars, however, depending on the county and the sheriff in charge, there may be extra fees for processing the permit and taking fingerprints.

Renewal permits cost fifteen dollars, and just like the initial permit application, this can attract more fees for background checks.

Gun Permits Application And Renewal Law In Idaho?

The process to apply for a gun permit in Idaho includes the following:

Complete Your Firearm Course

This is an essential requirement to apply for a CCW permit. The training you enrol for must be a licensed one and meets all state requirements

Complete Application Form

The second step is completing your application form. You can do this by downloading it online or visiting your local sheriff’s office.

Submit The Required Documents

The next step for submitting other documents needed to complete your application. They include the following:

  • Your already filled application form.
  • Your certificate of firearm training.
  • Your Photo identification.

Take them to the local sheriff’s office, after which you will provide your fingerprints.

After these, wait for the approval mail.

Idaho renewal process must be within ninety days before your permit expires.

If you fail to renew your permit after this period, then you have to apply for a new one again

Here are the steps for a renewal application:

Complete The Application Form

Just as it was for the Idaho gun license application process, download your renewal application online or pick it up from your county’s sheriff’s office.

Submit Other Documents

The documents you will need to complete your renewal process includes:

  • The filled application
  • Photo identification.

After the waiting period, you will receive a mail to notify you of approval.

Gun Permit Reciprocity With Idaho

Idaho issues both regular pistol permits and an enhanced one used for possession of firearms in other states.

Idaho firearm reciprocity includes the following:

States That Idaho Will Accept Their Pistol Permit

Idaho has a permitless carry policy. Therefore anybody from any state can possess a firearm with or without a permit in Idaho.

States That Recognize Idaho Pistol Permit

Anybody with an Idaho pistol permit can make use of firearms in these states. In Oklahoma, you do not even need a pistol permit to possess firearms. A means of identification from Idaho will do. They include:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Puerto Rico

States That Have Restricted Policy With Idaho

Some of these states will only accept an enhanced permit from Idaho. For others, permit holders must meet specific requirements before open carry is legal. They include:

  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

States That Have Permitless Carry Policy

Just like Idaho, these states do not require a permit for the possession of firearms within their jurisdiction, and they include the following:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

FAQs About Gun Permits In Idaho

Some of the most frequently asked questions about firearms permit In Idaho includes the following:

Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry Firearms In Idaho?

Yes. Anybody that wants to conceal carry in Idaho must have a pistol permit.

How Long Is Idaho Pistol Permit Valid?

Idaho pistol permit is valid for five years, after which you have to apply for a renewal permit.

How Many Types OF Pistol Permit Does Idaho Issue?

Idaho issues two types of gun licenses. The standard permit and an enhanced license.

Idaho enhanced permit allows the possession of firearms in more states than the regular pistol permit.

Can Non-Residents Apply For Idaho Pistol Permits?

Yes, Idaho issues permit to residents and non-residents of the state, and the application process is similar.

Also, non-residents that want to apply for Idaho enhanced pistol permits can do so with a license from their state of residence.

How Can I Change The Name And Address On My Idaho Pistol Permit?

For a change of name, address, or any other detail on Idaho pistol permit, contact the sheriff’s office in a local county.

What Can I Do If I Lost My Idaho Permit Or It Gets Stolen?

Contact the office of a local sheriff if as soon as you realize that the permit is missing.

How Soon Can I Apply For Idaho Pistol Permit After Moving To The State?

Upon establishing residency in Idaho, you cannot immediately apply for a pistol permit.

Idaho only issues pistol permits to people who have lived in the state for at least six months.

Can I Make Use Of Idaho Pistol Permit After Moving To Another State In The Country?

If you move away from Idaho, the pistol permit will remain valid until its expiry date, provided that you contact the office of the local sheriff in your former county of residence and inform them about the change of residency.

Do I Need Idaho Pistol Permit To Open Carry In The State?

No, there is no need for a pistol permit to open carry in Idaho.

Idaho is a permissive carry state, and the age requirement for open carry is eighteen years old. However, you must not have any prohibition for possession of a firearm before you open carry in the state.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Apply For Idaho Gun License?

Idaho only issues a gun license to those that are twenty-one years old or more.

Do I need A Permit To Purchase Firearms In Idaho?

No, Idaho does not issue a purchase permit to buy firearms.

Does Idaho Gun Permit Exempt Me From Completing A Criminal Record Background Check Before Buying Firearms In The State?

Yes. With a gun permit, you do not have to undergo a criminal record background check before purchasing firearms in Idaho.

Do I Need An Idaho Pistol Permit To Possess Firearms In My Private Property?

No. The state does not require a permit for the possession of firearms in private properties, homes, personal workplaces, and private cars.

Do I Need To Complete A Firearm Training Before Applying For Idaho Pistol Permit?

Yes, Idaho mandates firearm training before the application of a gun license.

The requirements for enhanced Idaho pistol permits are more than that of the regular license.

How Long Is The Processing Period For Pistol Permit Idaho?

Idaho pistol permit processing period is ninety days.

Is Idaho A Preemption Gun Law State?

Yes. The state government reserves all rights for gun laws. However, local areas and municipalities can regulate the discharge of firearms within their boundaries.

Is Concealed Carry During Hunting Legal In Idaho?

Yes, residents can conceal carry during hunting in the state. However, it is a prohibition to make use of such handguns to take down wildlife during archery hunting.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement For Firearm Possession In Idaho?

Eighteen years old.

Relevant Gun Permits Laws And Legislature In Idaho

Some of Idaho gun laws that have to do with firearm permits include the following:

Possession Of Firearms In Private Cars And Vehicles

According to Idaho gun law [Idaho Code Ann. §§18-3302(3) & (4)], possession of firearms is legal in personally owned vehicles and with permission in someone else’s car.

Possession Of Firearms In Roadside Areas Of The State

Idaho allows concealed carry of firearms in the roadside area for those that have the gun permit.

Possession Of Firearms In State Parks, Forests, And Wildlife Areas

According to [Idaho Adm. Rule 26.01.20-600], Idaho does not prohibit the possession of firearms in state or national forests, parks, and wildlife management areas.

Possession Of Firearms In Restaurants And Bars

Idaho gun laws permit the possession of firearms in restaurants and bar areas for permit license holders, except there is a post prohibiting such or the person is under the influence of alcohol.

Possession Of Firearms In Hotels And Similar Establishments

According to Idaho gun laws [Idaho Code Ann. § 39-1809], a hotelkeeper or attendant can ban a person who possesses a firearm from the premises, and he or she has the right not to provide accommodation to such person.

So, to possess firearms in such establishments, you can call to make inquiries about their laws and policies.

Possession Of Firearms In Parking Lots Of Work Places

Employers have the right to prohibit employees from storing firearms in vehicles in the parking lot.

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