You must meet all Indiana pistol permit law requirements before you apply for the state gun permit.

Hence, it is essential that you know these requirements and gun statutes that concern the application of permits in Indiana.

Indiana Gun Permit Summary

Indiana has a shall-issue policy for gun permits in the state, processed by the police department.

There is no permit for purchasing firearms, but buyers must undergo a criminal record background check before completing the purchase.

How To Get A Gun Permit In Indiana

Application of pistol permit in Indiana is valid for residents of the state that are eighteen years old or more and non-residents employed in the state.

Indiana is also a licensed open carry state.

Indiana Gun Permit Laws

Indiana pistol permit is for both open and concealed carry in the state, and anyone that is at least eighteen years old without prohibition to make use of firearms can apply for the permit.

The state also does not allow machine guns and automatic weapons for everyone.

To make use of these type of firearms, you must be either of the following:

  • A member of the United States Armed Forces.
  • Any government-approved officer or law enforcement officer while on duty.
  • Those that keep machine guns for aesthetics or display in museums.
  • A person that is federally licensed to possess firearms under federal regulations.
  • A person that has a business of dealing with machine guns in the state.

Indiana also prohibits armor-piercing ammunition. So it is illegal to make use of such bullets in the state.

Indiana Pistol Permit Requirements

To apply for an Indiana gun license in the state, you must meet all requirements provided by the gun law. They are:

  • You must be at least eighteen years old to apply for an Indian gun permit.
  • You must state a genuine reason for the possession of firearms in the state, and this could be for self-defense.
  • You must have good character and be reputable.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America. If you are a non-citizen, you must have permission to possess firearms in the country.
  • You must not have any conviction for resisting a law enforcement officer in the last five years before applying for the permit.
  • You must not have any conviction for a crime that carries a sentence of more than one year.
  • You must not have a conviction or any domestic crime, except a judge restores your right to make use of firearms.
  • You must not have any prohibition for the possession of firearms, issued by a court of law.
  • You must not have any history of being a habitual alcohol user or drug abuser in Indiana.
  • You must not have any history of being a person that is emotionally unstable or has the propensity to commit a violent act.
  • You must not falsify any form of Indiana gun law application.
  • You must not have any conviction for a crime that has to do with the safe handling of firearms in the state.
  • You must not have any conviction to violate article forty-seven of Indiana gun law for at least five years before application.
  • You must not commit a crime in a juvenile, which is equivalent to a felony for anyone that is of legal age.
  • You must not be subject to any commitment for a while in the state.
  • You must not be guilty of any metal incompetence or an insanity illness in the state.
  • You must not have any felony conviction in the state.
  • You must not be under arrest for any class A or B felony that involves the use of firearms in the state, such that you face a court prosecution.
  • You must not have a suspended license to possess a firearm in the state, except a court of law lifts the suspension.
  • You must meet all federal law requirements for the application of a pistol permit in the state.

Different Types Of Gun Permits In Indiana

A summary of firearms permits purchase in Indiana includes the following:

  • State permit to purchase long guns: Indiana does not issue a state permit to buy long guns.
  • State permits to purchase handguns: Indiana does not issue a state permit to purchase handguns.
  • State permit to open carry: Indiana is a licensed state that issues permits for open carry.
  • State permits to conceal carry long guns: Indiana does not issue a state permit to conceal long guns.
  • State permits to conceal carry handguns: Indiana issues a pistol permit to conceal carry guns in the state.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Gun License In Indiana?

Indiana does not charge any fee for the application of a five-year permit in the state.

Anyone applying for a lifetime permit and does not have a pistol permit prior will pay fifty dollars.

Anyone that has a permit will pay fifty dollars for the lifetime permit.

Gun Permits Application And Renewal Laws In Indiana?

The process to apply for Indiana gun permit includes the following:

Complete An Online Application

The first step is to complete an online application, and within ninety days after doing this, proceed with the following:

Make An Appointment For Fingerprints

Schedule an appointment and have your fingerprints taken electronically.

Visit Your Local Law Enforcement Agency

Go to the local sheriff’s office or a local police station with your permit application number and the required fee.

Get Approval Notification

The local licensing authority will transfer the permit application to the state police department for a final review.

After the review, you will receive a mail about the status of your application.

Permits to make use of firearms in Indiana is either a qualified or an unlimited license.

Indiana gun licenses are for hunting and range practice alone. Unlimited licenses are for property and life protection.

Indiana permit renewal process consists of the following steps:

Complete The Application Online

You need to first complete the application license online through the licensing portal.

Obtain Fingerprints

Schedule an appointment to have your fingerprint electronically taken.

Complete Application

You must visit a local law enforcement agency to proceed with the application within ninety days of completing the online form.

The necessary documents to take are your license application number and the required fee for renewal permit in Indiana.

Gun Permit Reciprocity With Indiana

Indiana honors gun permits from every other state in the country.

Other aspects of the reciprocity include the following:

States That Indiana Will Honor Their Permit

Indiana will accept a firearm permit, as long as a jurisdiction in the United States of America issues it.

Therefore, all state gun permits are valid in Indiana.

States That Recognize Indiana Pistol License

These states will accept a pistol permit from Indiana. However, permit holders must handle firearms according to gun statutes of the states. They include the following:

  • Alabama
  • North Dakota
  • Montana

States That Have Restricted Reciprocity With Indiana

Although these states will accept an Indiana pistol permit, the permit holder must meet specific requirements before he or she can possess firearms with the license. The states are:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • Puerto Rico

States With Permitless Policy

Most of these states are constitutional carry states, and this means that there is no permit required to possess firearms within their territory. They include the following:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

FAQs About Gun Permits In Indiana

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Indiana gun permit include the following:

Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry Firearms In Indiana?

Yes. You can only conceal carry with Indiana pistol permit.

For How Long Is Indiana Gun Permit Valid?

Indiana gun license is valid for five years.

Can Non-Residents Apply For Indiana Pistol Permit?

Yes, Indiana issues permit to non-residents of the state employed, or that have a workplace in the state. But the permit is valid for just four years.

Non-residents that want to apply for this permit can do so at the sheriff’s office of a local county where the business place is.

The documents for the application are:

  • An out of state affidavit form that is notarized.
  • A letter headed proof of employment from the company.

How Can I Change The Name And Address On My Indiana Gun Permit License?

For any change of detail or update of Indiana pistol permit, visit the online portal and follow necessary instructions for an update of information.

What Can I Do If I Lost My Indiana Pistol Permit Or It Gets Stolen?

For cases of theft or missing permit, you have to apply for a renewal permit, Visit the online portal and follow the necessary steps for a duplicate permit

How Soon Can I Apply For Indiana Pistol Permit After Moving To The State?

As soon as you establish residency in Indiana, you can begin an application for the pistol permit.

Can I Make Use Of Indiana Pistol Permit After Moving To Another State In The Country?

No, the permit becomes invalid upon establishing residency in another state.

Do I Need An Indiana Pistol Permit To Open Carry In The State?

Yes Indiana is a licensed open carry state, and you can only open carry if you have a pistol permit

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Apply For Indiana Gun Permit?

You must be at least eighteen years old to apply for Indiana gun permit

Do I need A Permit To Purchase Firearms In Indiana?

No, Indiana does not issue purchase permit to buy firearms in the state

Does My Indiana Pistol Permit Exempt Me From Completing A Criminal Record Background Check Before Buying Firearms In The State?

No, everybody that wants to buy a firearm in Indiana, regardless of pistol permit, must complete a criminal record check.

Do I Need An Indiana Pistol Permit To Possess Firearms In My Private Property?

No, it is not compulsory to have a permit to possess firearms in private properties or dwelling places in the state.

Do I Need To Complete A Firearm Training Before Applying For Pistol Permit In Indiana?

No. Indiana does not mandate firearm training for the application of a pistol license.

What Is The Processing Period For Indiana Pistol Permit?

The processing period for a pistol permit in Indiana is sixty days.

Is Indiana A Preemption Gun Law State?

Yes, Indiana is a preemption gun law state with the government having the authority to regulate the use and possession of firearms.

What Is The Age Limit For The Possession Of Firearms In Indiana?

Eighteen years old.

Relevant Gun Laws Permits And Legislature In Indiana

Indiana gun laws relating to pistol permit that you must know before application includes the following:

Possession Of Firearms In Private Vehicles

Anybody that has an Indiana pistol permit can carry firearms in a personally owned vehicle or another person’s vehicle, with consent.

Without an Indiana gun permit, the firearm must not be loaded and locked away in a compartment in the vehicle.

[Ind. Code §]

Possession Of Firearms In Roadside Areas

Indiana gun law permits the possession of firearms in roadside areas as long as the person is a permit holder.

Possession Of Firearms In State Forests, Parks, And Wildlife Management Areas

According to [DNR Admin Rule 312 IAC §], Indiana allows the possession of firearms in parks and forests except those owned by the Army corps or anyone that falls into Ohio’s territory.

Possession Of Firearms In Restaurant And Bar Areas

Indian allows concealed carry of firearms in restaurant and bar areas for permit holders.

The only prohibition to this is if there is a post prohibiting the possession of firearms in that area.

Possession Of Firearms In Hotel Areas

Indiana does not have any law prohibiting the possession of firearms in hotels or similar establishments. However, hotel management has the authority to enact gun laws and policies for the possession of weapons within their premises.

Therefore, you must make inquiries from the hotel before carrying firearms within the premises.

Possession Of Firearms In Employee Parking Lot

According to Indiana gun law [Ind. Code § 34-28-7-2.], employees are not allowed to enact rules or policies that prohibit or restrict the possession of firearm or ammunition in a locked car trunk or within an employer’s vehicle, as long as it is out of sight from public view.

However, this restriction does not apply to places such as schools or any other private property.

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