Oregon allows the use of firearms within its territory.

But there are restricted areas like Indian reservations of the state. Also, not all firearms are legal.

Before you use a firearm or open carry in Oregon, you must get to know about its gun laws.

Oregon Gun Laws Summary

Oregon issues concealed firearm licenses for the possession of firearms in the state.

The sheriff’s office in a local county is responsible for the application of this. The state is a shall-issue state, and if you meet all requirements, you will get a license.

Oregon does not issue a purchase permit to buy firearms in the state, but you must complete the criminal background check.

Private dealers who are not equipped to carry out this check are to run it via a federally licensed dealer.

The age requirement for a permit is twenty-one years old.

Is Open Carry Legal In Oregon?

Yes. You can open carry in Oregon if you are at least eighteen years old or more without having a felony record and a state or federal prohibition to possess firearms.

Open Carry Laws In Oregon?

Oregon is a permissive open carry state, and you do not need a state license to carry a firearm openly.

The state also permits the use of high-end firearms like machine guns as long as you have them federally registered and comply with federal regulations while using it.

Antique firearms and replicas that are no longer in production are prohibited in the state, as well as Teflon-coated ammunition.

Oregon Open Gun Laws Quick View

Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carry.NoNoYou do not need an Oregon concealed carry permit to open carry in the state.
Firearm registrations for open carry.NoNoThe state law does not say anything about the registration of firearms after purchase.
Assault weapon for open carry.NoNoOregon regulates and defines the type of assault weapon permitted in the state.
Magazine limitNoNoThe state law does not mention anything about magazine limits. Also, large capacity firearms are not prohibited in Oregon.
License for the owner of a firearm.Not requiredNot requiredThere are no requirements to own a license for a firearm in the state except for the use of machine guns and similar weapons that must have federal registrations.
Red flag lawYesYesLaw enforcement officers and family members can file petitions against someone who possesses a firearm and is at risk of self-hurt or a danger to society.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesEveryone has a duty to self-defense and protection of properties in the state, just according to a normal castle doctrine policy.   
Background check for private dealersYesYesEvery dealer in Oregon must complete a criminal record background check before the purchase of a firearm. Private dealers must complete the test through a federally or state-licensed dealer.
PreemptionYesYesOregon preempts gun laws in local municipalities with the state government having superseding authority on the use and possession of firearms in the state. But local areas can regulate the discharge of firearms, and restrict or prohibit areas for possession of weapons within their boundaries.
Concealed carry permit.YesYesOregon issues concealed firearm permits to anyone within the age requirement who wishes to conceal carry in the state.
Concealed carry in personal vehicleYesYesYou must have a concealed carry license to conceal carry in a private car in Oregon.
Open carry in SchoolsNoNoOregon prohibits the possession of firearms and open carry in schools, colleges, universities, and other technical institutions.

Where Is It Legal To Open Carry In Oregon?

Oregon permits the open carry of firearms in the following parts of the state:

  • Restaurants and bars: You can open carry in restaurant areas of the state.
  • Roadside areas: You can open carry in Oregon roadside areas.
  • State parks and forests: You can open carry in parks and forest areas of the state, as well as wildlife management areas.
  • Places of worship: Oregon gun laws do not restrict the possession of firearms in places of worship. But you cannot open carry if there is a post prohibiting the possession of firearms in the state.

Where Is It Illegal To Open Carry In Oregon?

Oregon prohibits the open carry and possession of firearms in the following areas:

  • Schools: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in schools, colleges, and universities in the state. Also, colleges and universities may have internal regulations for firearm possession.
  • Court homes: You cannot open carry and possess firearms in court facilities of the state or any of the political divisions except you have the permission of a judge to do so.
  • Prisons: You cannot open carry and possess firearms in prisons, jails and correctional facilities in the state.
  • Private buildings: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in private properties or buildings that have posts prohibiting the possession of weapons.
  • Posted forests and parks: You cannot open carry in any national park or forests that have firearms prohibition.
  • Safety areas of airports: You cannot open carry in secured areas of airports in Oregon.
  • Prohibited places: You cannot open carry in any area of the state that is not permitted by federal laws.

FAQs About Open Carry Oregon

Some of Oregon open carry most frequently asked questions that you need to know include the following:

Do I Need A Permit To Open Carry In Oregon?

No. To open carry in Oregon, you do not need a firearm permit.

Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry In Oregon?

Yes. Oregon issues a concealed firearm license to conceal carry in the state.

What Is The Age Requirement For Open Carry In Oregon?

To open carry in Oregon, you must be at least eighteen years old.

What Is The Age For Concealed Carry In Oregon?

You must be at least twenty-one years old to open carry in Oregon.

At What Age Can I Apply For Oregon Concealed Firearm License?

The minimum age requirement to apply for Oregon concealed carry license is twenty-one years old.

Does Oregon Have Red Flag Law In The State?

Yes. Oregon enforces red flag law with an extreme risk protection order issued to someone who is at risk with the possession of a firearm.

Is Oregon Concealed Firearm License Available For Non-residents Of The State?

Only non-residents that live in neighboring states can apply for Oregon concealed firearm licenses.

Note that Oregon does not honor any permit or firearm license from any other state in the country.

Is Oregon A Constitutional Carry State?

No. Oregon does not permit constitutional carry in the state.

Can I Open Carry Knives In Oregon?

Yes. You can open carry any knife in Oregon except if you are a convicted felon.

However, you cannot openly carry knives in prohibited places or public buildings, except ordinary knives with blades that are not more than four inches.

Can I Conceal Carry Knives In Oregon?

Oklahoma prohibits the concealed carry of knives or any other dangerous weapon such as dirk, dagger, projecting blades, or similar weapons that can cause injury to a person.

Does Oregon Prohibit Some Firearm Types In The State?

Oregon prohibits Antique firearms in the state.

Antique firearms are those produced before year eighteen-nineteen or any replica design for such guns that is no longer in production in the US market.

In Oregon, you can make use of machine guns or semi-automatic firearms as long as you register it according to federal law, and you have a license to show for it.

This also includes firearms with silencers, rifles with short barrels, and shotguns with short barrels.

Do I Need A Purchase Permit To Buy Firearms In Oregon?

No, Oregon does not issue purchase permits to buy firearms in the state.

Must I Undergo A Criminal Record Background Check Before I Buy Firearms In Oregon?

Yes. The state mandates criminal record background checks before the completion of firearm sales.

Private dealers are to complete this check via a federal or state-licensed dealer before selling firearms.  

The only exception to this is the transfer of firearms from an immediate family member to another.

Note that unlike in other states, your carry license does not exempt you from completing a criminal record background check in Oregon.

What Is The Age Requirement To Buy Firearms In Oregon?

You must be of legal age, eighteen years old before you buy firearms in Oregon.

When Will My Oregon Concealed Firearm Permit Expire?

Your permit is valid for four years, after which you have to apply for a renewal permit.

How Soon Can I Renew My Oregon Firearm Permit?

Your Oregon concealed firearm permit will continue to be valid forty-five days after it expires.

You must renew before this time elapses or forfeit the permit.

Do I Have A Duty To Inform Law Enforcement Officers About My Possession Of Firearms In Oregon?

Oregon law does not obligate you to tell a police officer or any other law enforcement officer about your possession of a firearm unless they ask you.

Does Oregon Have Castle Doctrine Policy?

Oregon gun law does not explicitly say anything about castle doctrine policy in the state, but the state allows you to stand your ground and protect yourself when need be.

 Is The Use Of Deadly Force Permitted During Self Defense In Oregon?

Yes, you can use deadly force for self-defense if you think that an attack can lead to severe bodily harm or death when you are in a place you have the right to be.

You can also use such force to protect yourself or someone else from a forcible felony.

Oregon law will provide immunity against civil liability for a deadly force during self-defense in the state.

Is Firearm Training A Requirement For Applying For Oregon Concealed Firearm permit?

Yes, you must complete a firearm training approved by the state, and this could be either a safety training from the department of fishery and wildlife or a public firearm training organized by a law enforcement agency.

A state-certified instructor must be in charge of the firearm training.

Is It Compulsory To Register A Firearm Before Using It In Oregon?

There is no requirement to register firearms in Oregon, but after selling a gun, the dealer must take down details of the sale like; 

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Name of the buyer.
  • Type, and model of firearm.

The dealer will submit this form to a local law enforcement agency.

Also, Oregon law mandates firearm dealers to keep the transaction thumbprints for five years after the purchase of a firearm.

Relevant Open Carry Laws And Legislature In Oregon

Some of the Oregon gun laws relating to open carry in the state that you must know include the following:

Ammunition Restrictions

Oregon prohibits the use and possession of Teflon-coated ammunition or any other firearm ammunition that has chemical compounds just like Teflon, to commit a felony crime.

Preemption Laws

Oregon is a preemption gun law state with the state government statutes regulating the use of firearms.

However, local law may regulate the use of firearms in their boundaries in the following ways:

  • Prohibition and restriction of firearm possession within local boundaries.
  • The discharge of guns in local areas.

Brandishing Of Firearms

In Oregon, it is a menacing crime to deliberately use your firearm to put another person in threat of physical injury or fear of death.

It is a crime to illegally use a firearm against another person or possess your gun in such a way that it depicts the intention of causing harm.

In Oregon, it is illegal for anybody above the age of twelve, to use a firearm or any other deadly weapon, either loaded or not, against another person.

The only exceptions are except while lawfully using the firearm and during self-defense.

Red Flag Law

Oregon enforces red flag law in the state.

Family members or law enforcement officers can file a petition against a person for the possession, purchase, and use of firearms or any other dangerous weapon in the state.

Open Carry While Hunting In Oregon

Oregon does not prohibit the open carry of firearms while hunting in the state.

However, during bow hunting, you can only carry a firearm, but you cannot make use of it.

In this situation, you can only make use of archery equipment.

Oregon has hunter harassment laws.

Anybody that disturbs a legal hunting activity in the state, without the right to so, or prevent the lawful taking of wildlife, is guilty of an offense and will face prosecution.

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