Utah allows the use and possession of firearms in the state as long as the owner has a permit.

But there are location restrictions that every firearm owner must adhere to when with weapons.

Utah gun statutes extend to all facets of using and carrying firearms, and you must be familiar with them before you open carry in the state.

Utah Gun Laws Summary

Utah issues concealed firearm permits for the possession of firearms.

It is a shall-issue state with the department of public safety in charge of the application procedure.

You do not need a purchase permit to buy firearms in the state, but a criminal record background check is compulsory, except you have a firearm permit.

Utah issues permit to both residents and non-residents.

Is Open Carry Legal In Utah?

Yes. You can open carry in Utah as long as you are eighteen years old or more without a state or federal prohibition.

Open Carry Laws In Utah

Utah is a licensed open carry state, and you need a firearm permit before you can open carry.

However, you can still open carry without a permit as long as your handgun is not loaded and you are a minimum of two steps away from discharging it:

  • Activating the chamber and
  • Pulling the trigger.

Utah Open Gun Laws Quick View

Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carry.NoYesTo open carry in Utah, you must have a concealed firearm permit
Firearm registrations for open carry.NoNoThere are no requirements to register firearms before you open carry them in Utah.
Assault weapon for open carry.YesYesGun laws in Utah does not prohibit the possession of machine guns and antique firearm, except for minors
Magazine limitNoNoThere is no limit for the number of rounds a firearm magazine must contain.
License for the owner of a firearm.Not requiredNot requiredUtah does not issue any exclusive license for possession of firearm owners in the state.
Red flag lawNoNoUtah gun laws do not say anything about red flag law or any extreme risk protection order issued by a state court.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesYou have a right to stand your ground on your property or any place you have legal rights to be in the state.
Background check for private dealersYesYesThere is no requirement for private firearm dealers to run buyers background checks before selling firearms, except in Salt lake county.
PreemptionYesYesUtah has preemption gun law policy, with the state government reserving all rights to regulate firearms. However, local areas can control the discharge of firearms.
Concealed carry permit.NoYesYou need either a provisional firearm permit or a concealed carry permit to carry concealed firearms in Utah.
Concealed carry in personal vehicleNoYesYou can conceal carry in your vehicle as long as you are with a firearm permit
Open carry in SchoolsNoNoUtah prohibits the open carry of firearms in schools, colleges, universities, and technical institutions in the state.

Where Is It Legal To Open Carry In Utah?

Utah does not prohibit the open carry of firearms in the following parts of the state:

  • Restaurants and bars: You can open carry in restaurant areas as long as there is no post prohibiting it.
  • Private cars: You can open carry in your vehicle or another person’s vehicle if you have the permission to do so.
  • Roadside areas: There is no prohibition to open carry in Utah roadside areas.
  • State parks and forests: You can open carry in parks and forests of the state, as well as wildlife management areas.
  • Places of worship: Utah gun statutes do not prohibit the possession of firearms in place of worship except the governing body of the place does.

Where Is It Illegal To Open Carry In Utah?

Open carry of firearms is not allowed in the following locations in Utah:

  • Prisons: You cannot open carry in state prisons, jails, or correctional homes.
  • Law enforcement buildings: You cannot open carry in any building law enforcement officers use for their day to day operations.
  • Courthouse: You cannot open carry in any state or county courthouse and during a court proceeding.
  • Health facilities: You cannot open carry in hospitals of metal homes in the state.
  • Safety zones of airport areas: You cannot open carry in any secured zone of an airport area in the state.
  • Under the influence of alcohol: You cannot open carry in any part of Utah while under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance. The state defines under the influence of alcohol as blood alcohol concentration more than 0.05.
  • Prohibited places: You cannot open carry in any area of the state prohibited by federal gun laws.

FAQs About Open Carry Utah

Most frequently asked questions about open carry in Utah and similar practices include the following:

Do I Need A Permit To Open Carry In Utah?

Yes. You need a firearm permit before you open carry in Utah.

Do I Need A Permit For Concealed Carry In Utah?

Yes. You can conceal carry with Utah’s concealed firearm permit.

Does Utah Issue Separate Permits For Open Carry And Concealed Carry In The State?

No. Utah’s concealed firearm permit is valid for both open and concealed carry in the state.

What Is The Age Requirement For Open Carry In Utah?

You must be at least eighteen years old before you open carry in Utah.

What Is The Age For Concealed Carry In Utah?

You can conceal carry in Utah if you are eighteen years old, and you have a provisional permit.

At What Age Can I Obtain A Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

Utah issues two types of concealed firearm permits in the state, the regular licenses, and a provisional license.

Provisional permits are for people within the age range of eighteen and twenty. The permit expires on the holder’s twenty-first birthday.

The minimum age requirement to apply for the regular permit is twenty-one years old.

Does Utah Have A Red Flag Law?

The state does not have gun statutes about red flag law or the issuance of extreme risk protection orders.

Can A Non-resident Apply For Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permits?

Yes. Non-residents can apply for the concealed carry permit in Utah. Those between the age of eighteen and twenty-one can apply for the state’s provisional permit.

You can also make use of permits from all other states in the country to possess firearms in Utah.

Does Utah Accept Constitutional Carry?

No. Utah is not a constitutional carry state.

Can I Open Carry Knives In Utah?

Open and concealed carry in Utah is legal for everyone, except those convicted of a crime, mentally impaired people, members of the military dishonorably discharged, and those that use illicit drugs.

Also, the use of knives or any deadly weapon is illegal in places where possession of firearms is not allowed in the state.

Does Utah Restrict The Use Types OF Firearms In The State?

Machine guns and antique firearms are not illegal in Utah except for anyone that is under-aged.

Do I Need A Purchase Permit To Buy Firearms In Utah?

No. Utah does not issue any other permit for the purchase of firearms in the state.

Must I Undergo Criminal Record Background Check Before Buying A Firearm In Utah?

If you are buying a firearm from either a state or federally licensed dealer, then you must complete a criminal record check prior.

You do not have to undergo the check if you already own a Utah concealed carry permit.

Private dealers of firearms are not under any requirement to run this check before selling firearms, except in Salt Lake county, even though Utah is a preemption gun law state.

For How Long Is Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Valid In The State?

The permit is valid for five years. If you wish to continue using it, you can apply for a renewal permit.

Do I Have A Duty To Inform Law Enforcement Officers About My Possession Of Firearms In Utah?

No, the state gun law does not require anybody to notify or inform a law enforcement officer they encounter about possession of firearms.

Is Utah A Castle Doctrine State?

Yes, castle doctrine is the self-defense rule in Utah, and a person has a duty to stand his or her ground against an intruder on personal property or any place where he or she has legal rights to be.

Does Utah Permit The Use OF Deadly Force Of Self Defense?

Yes. You can make use of deadly force in situations where you are in fear of an attack that can lead to death, severe injury, or felony.

Utah will grant immunity against civil liability for a deadly force during self-defense.

Is Firearm Training A Requirement For Utah’s Concealed Carry Permit?

Yes. You must demonstrate familiarity with firearms before you apply for a firearm permit.

Make sure the training is a state-licensed one, conducted by a certified instructor.

Do I Have To Register Firearms Before Use In Utah?

No, there is no requirement for firearm registrations in Utah.

Relevant Open Carry Laws And Legislature In Utah

Some of Utah gun laws related to open carry in the state include the following:

No Weapon Sign

Utah prohibits the possession of firearms on buildings or properties that have a post forbidding weapons on the premises.

These places are known as off-limits by the law. They could be privately owned buildings, places of work, worship buildings, or dwelling homes.

Therefore, it is illegal to enter these places with a gun if there is signage prohibiting such.

This section of the law does not only concern those that open carry, even with a concealed weapon license, it is unlawful to be in these premises with a firearm.

Firearm prohibition, according to Utah law, may be in any of the following formats:

  • Verbal communication from a person of authority, or someone that is representing such a person, in the building prohibiting firearms.
  • Use of posts or signage in a position visible to anyone entering the building.
  • General announcement from a person of authority, or someone that is representing such a person, prohibiting the possession of firearms in the premises.
  • A publication in the form of bulletins, newsletters, or any other similar document circulated to people that frequently visit the building.

It is an infraction to violate or infringe any law in this section.

Preemption Laws

Utah is a preemption gun law state.

The state government has all authority to regulate, restrict, and prohibit the use of firearms within its jurisdiction.

However, local municipalities can enact laws regulating and banning the discharge of firearms within their boundaries.

Brandishing Of Firearms

In Utah, it is illegal to bring out your firearm in a dangerous or threatening manner in people’s presence. 

Also, Utah defines engagement in violent conduct as improper behavior, and a person can face prosecution for such.

This aspect of the law exempts the use of firearms for self-defense or legally, by a law enforcement officer.

Possession Of Firearms Under The Influence OF Alcohol

It is unlawful to possess firearms while under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance in the state.

Under the influence as defined by Utah’s law is when the blood alcohol concentration level is more than 0.05 grams, while outside one’s home of residence or without consent in another person’s home of residence.

Open Carry While Hunting

You are not prohibited from the open carry of firearms while hunting in the state, except if the hunting Is not taking place within the boundaries of a municipality that permits you.

Open carry while bow hunting in Utah is prohibited. You can only make use of concealed weapons, but it is illegal to take down a game with concealed firearms.

Only archery equipment is lawful for bow hunting in the state.

Utah also has hunter harassment laws to preserve hunting activities in the state.

Anybody that deliberately interferes with lawful hunting activity, or infringes on a licensed person’s right to hunt by harassing such person, or intentionally chasing away wildlife to prevent hunting, is guilty of class B misdemeanor.

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