In 1995 Gary Lee Hopper and Jason Hopper, along with some close friends, decided to open a gun store in Boise Idaho to help support the local community with ammunition and high quality guns. 

They had a mission to become one of Treasure Valley’s best gun dealers, consigners, and conceal carry classes on the market. 

It was a simple mission, but one which needed to be done in the town of Boise because at the time there weren't many options for gun enthusiasts to choose from. Little did they know this was an excellent decision going into the early 2000’s. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Boise Gun Company, they were a local shop located at 4105 N. Adams St. Boise, Idaho. Currently they’re no longer in business due to unknown reasons. Many local residents believe it’s because larger manufactures came into the space and started taking away market share from their business.

All we do know, after doing our internal research, is the public information Boise Gun Company has released after filing for bankruptcy. Interestingly enough, they filed for bankruptcy twice over the span of 5 years. In late 2015 they filed for bankruptcy where they restructured the company to overcome over-leveraged debt holdings, and finally in 2018 they filed another Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the hopes of restructuring again for easier debt management. 

And they had some serious assets in their control. In fact, it’s recorded that they had over $2.7 million in assets when they filed for bankruptcy, and $3.8 million in debts to Zion Bank (the largest bank in the midwest region).  

It’s incredibly impressive reviewing the story of these entrepreneurs. As they built Boise Gun Company they were able to turn it into a Class 3 dealership (which means they can sell highly regulated weapons like silencers and machine guns) along with becoming a lucrative consignment shop for local residents. 

It's unfortunate this company was forced to close down their shops. At the time of filing bankruptcy Boise Gun Company had 2 shops open with their second location in Nampa, Idaho. 

The online reviews of the store seemed to be mixed, with locals being both highly enthusiastic about the company, and also incredibly negative about their experience. For example, one reviewer on Yelp made disparaging remarks about the staff “stealing a scope” while the gun was on consignment. It was mentioned the owners seemed harsh and rude to staff. 

However, on the flip side there were reviews which mentioned how the team at Boise Gun Company was the place for locals or “plain folk” to get professional help within a reasonable budget. In fact, it was mentioned in the review that people should be patient with the store. There’s a reason why they’re the busiest shop in the valley, because they treat customers right. 

It’s always excellent to see opinions like this from the locals. 

Either way, the Boise Gun Company is now permanently closed. If you’re interested, Idaho Gun & Outdoors is another local vendor with solid reviews in the Boise area. Check them out for assistance with your gun related matters. 

Location Details

Boise Gun Company
4105 Adams St
Boise, ID 83714

Welcome to Boise Gun Company! Established in 1995, Boise Gun Company has a selection of over 4000 guns on hand between both of our stores. We appraise, buy, trade, consign and sell. Primarily, we are a gun store, carrying firearms and accessories. We also offer Concealed Weapons classes for Ohio.

Services/Products: Firearms, shooting accessories, ammunition, guns