Size: 26,476 Acres

Year Established: 2003

Annual Visitors: 215,000

Firearms Information in Congaree National Park

Since February 22, 2010, people who can legally own guns under federal, state, and local laws can do so in this park. Before entering this park, it is your responsibility as the visitors to know and follow all federal, state, and local gun laws.

To keep up with the most current guns laws, you can check out the State of South Carolina Gun Laws page.

There are also places in this park where guns are not allowed by federal law. These places are marked with signs at all public entrances.

Click here to learn more about Gun Laws in South Carolina.

Hunting in Congaree National Park

Hunting in Congaree National Park is prohibited. Even though hunting isn’t allowed in Congaree National Park, it does happen on land near the park.

On occasion, they will close this park down to try to eliminate some of the wild hogs that have been destroying the national park.

Click here to learn more about Hunting Laws in South Carolina.

Additional Information About Congaree National Park

The name of this protected wilderness comes from the tribe of people who used to live there. It has the biggest old-growth hardwood bottomland forest in the U.S. There are tall trees like the cherry bark oak, American elm, bald cypress, and swamp chestnut in the park’s dense, wild forest. Some of these trees are more than 130 feet tall.

The ground is covered with yellow butterweed, and Spanish moss hangs from the trees. In this eerie setting, wild pigs and bobcats look for prey. The lakes, streams, and wetlands are home to a variety of wildlife, including barred owls, red-tailed hawks, and red-bellied woodpeckers. Water snakes, gar, catfish, and alligators can all be found in the murky water.

Best Time to Visit Congaree National Park

The best time to visit Congaree National Park is between the months of March-June and October-November.

Visitor Fees

There is no entrance fees to enter Congaree National Park.

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Visitor Centers

Harry Hampton Visitor Center


100 National Park Rd,
Hopkins, SC 29061

Phone Number

(803) 776-4396

Hours of Operation

Daily 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Be sure to check for seasonal closures.