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P238 Reviews

When it comes to firearms, I have always been drawn to them for their aesthetic value. The sleek lines and powerful look of a gun can be very alluring. However, there was one gun that I was not initially drawn to, the Sig P238. This gun has an odd humpback look and proportions that seem "off". However, after my friend let me shoot it, I fell in love. 

The gun was extremely easy to handle and I was able to hit my target with ease. Just a couple weeks later, I had one of my own. As a 1911 guy, I should have taken to this gun like a duck to water, but there are things that I like and dislike about it.

History & Origins

Sig Sauer is a top-tier firearms manufacturer that has established itself as a go-to for military units and gun enthusiasts across the globe. The company has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1853, and has spent the intervening years perfecting its craft. Today, Sig Sauer produces some of the finest firearms available, enjoyed by shooters regardless of their budget.

The company’s product lineup is diverse, but all share a few key characteristics: top-notch design, functionality, and quality. Sig Sauer firearms are not the cheapest on the market, but they represent a good value proposition – you get what you pay for, and then some.

What sets Sig Sauer apart from its competitors is its commitment to quality. Many firearms manufacturers experience a decline in quality over time, as they cut corners to save costs. This has never been the case with Sig Sauer, whose guns are consistently excellent regardless of when they were made.

The Sig Sauer P238 is a great example of the company’s commitment to quality. This pocket-sized pistol is perfect for self-defense, and is built to the same high standards as the company’s larger firearms. No matter what your needs

Key Features


The safety of a gun is the most important thing to consider before making a purchase. If a gun is not safe, it is not worth considering. Everyone knows that guns are not toys and the least that can be expected is that they are safe enough to not injure the holder or anyone else.

The Sig P238 has good safety features that make it a safe gun to purchase. The gun has a number of safety mechanisms that protect the holder and those around them. These mechanisms include a hammer safety, firing pin safety block, and even a disconnector that will keep the gun from firing if the slide is not locked properly. There is also a manual safety.

As long as the basic guidelines are followed and the gun is handled properly, there is no risk of injury.


I was surprised to see a polymer trigger on the SIG P238. I know that SIG is usually high quality, so I was interested in this divergence.

After doing some research, I found that polymer triggers are actually pretty common in modern handguns. So even though it's not made from metal, that doesn't mean it's horrible. In fact, it's probably just as good as any other trigger out there.

There are vertical ridges on the trigger face which I don’t like so much. I would rather have a smooth trigger face, but I digress. Overall, the trigger feels good enough and is serviceable for a self defense pistol.


I really like SIG SAUER pistols because they come with the option for night sights from the factory. Other brands make you buy aftermarket sights yourself, which is a pain. I think it's great that SIG offers high-quality, OEM parts. 

The P238 has steel sights with three tritium vials that light up in the dark. They're also surrounded by white plastic so you can see them during the day. The squared-off sight post is perfect because it doesn't clutter up your view of the target. That's important for a self-defense/concealed carry pistol.

How Does The P238 Perform?


There's no beating around the bush: Sig P238s are the most precise, compact handguns I have ever fired. The P238's accuracy, in my opinion, is on par with some of the more substantial handguns. Sig's decision to implement grown-up sights on the P238 is the primary reason for its accuracy. Most .380 pistols have tiny sights because they are difficult to acquire quickly and difficult to shoot well at distance. The Siglite sights on the P238 are outstanding. I'd be content with them on most handguns, and I'm delighted to see them on such a compact pistol. This pistol's trigger is really easy to pull, and the sights aren't the only things making it easy to shoot well. The P238 is a lot rougher than my Nighthawk Custom 1911 on a daily basis, but in comparison to most other handguns in its category (and many others as well), the trigger is pretty decent. It has a 6.5-pound trigger. It is a very smooth, clean 6+-pound trigger with very little trigger movement. This is an excellent trigger for a compact gun, and it beats the triggers on some full-size automobiles. While the trigger appears to be a 1911 trigger, it's not. The 1911 is popular for its straight-to-the-back pull, which is not the case with the Sig. The trigger hinge is not a problem, in my view.


I've put over 2,000 rounds of ammo through my P238 and it's been incredibly reliable. I've had very few malfunctions, especially considering how much I've used it. It's definitely one of the most reliable compact autos on the market.


I have mixed feelings about the P238. I like shooting it, but it's not one of my favorite .380s. I also have experience with the P938 in 9mm. I don't think it scales well, but it's small enough to carry easily, which is its greatest appeal. A seven-shot extended magazine is available, but I believe that ruins the P238's greatest appeal: it is small enough to carry. People choose little guns primarily because they can carry them without much difficulty. 

This handgun is rather small, so it is easy to carry. It may be carried all day and every day with a decent holster, and you may forget it's there as long as it's halfway decent. I've already covered the safety's ergonomics. In general, the safety could be better, so I would not recommend this weapon to a new shooter or someone who has not put in the requisite amount of practice. That said, the remainder of the controls are fine. The slide is relatively easy to operate with the light .380-powered spring. The magazine release is well positioned and appropriately sized. There is no drawback there.


The Sig P238 is a great choice for those looking for a concealed carry gun. Its small size makes it easy to carry, while still packing a punch. The extended magazine is a great option for those with smaller hands, as it increases grip length and capacity. The lack of finger grooves on the grip may be a downside for some, but overall, the P238 is a great choice for a concealed carry gun.


The .380s have gotten a bad rap for their recoil. The guns they are typically chambered in are small and lightweight, which doesn't help with the recoil. The P238, however, does a much better job in this area. First, it is wider than most .380s on the market. The Ruger LCP, for example, has a maximum width of .82", while the P238 is 1". This may make the P238 slightly less concealable, but the increased width makes for a much better grip. Second, the P238 is heavier than most .380s. The standard model weighs in at 15 ounces, while the HD model (which is the one I have) weighs 20 ounces. This makes a big difference in the recoil. The increased weight may make the P238 slightly more difficult to carry, but the trade-off is worth it.


  • This pistol is very easy to operate.
  • It is also very lightweight and easily concealed.
  • You get what you pay for with this gun- it is a bit more expensive, but it is also much more reliable.
  • It is also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • This gun is ideal for concealed carry.


  • I have found that the ejector is very sensitive, and you can destroy it completely if you're not careful.
  • The starter kit is not optimal in my opinion.
  • The small grip may not be comfortable in larger hands, which is something to consider.
  • Rather expensive compared to other options, but you get what you pay for.
  • Ammunition is on the expensive side, but it's worth it for the quality.

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