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P365 XL Review

The P365 ignited a concealed carry frenzy in 2018. It was the first double-stack 9mm subcompact pistol in the market. As more people became interested in the new SIG polymer guns, the competition got fierce.

To further increase the excitement, the P365 XL was released in 2020. The XL includes a 12 round magazine which is flush to the handle for additional grip, and also offers a 15 round extended magazine. In addition, the XL offers a slide which is ready for a wide variety of optics.

History & Origins

The Sig P365 changed the concealed carry world immediately upon arrival to the market. It's a reliable, accurate, and comfortable gun to shoot.

The 12 round magazine for the P365 is a great addition that dramatically improves the grip. There is a downside though… When changing magazines, you have to release part of the grip. The extended magazine is also an additional cost on top of the price of the gun. 

The P365 XL has a full-length grip that (at minimum) accepts a 12-round magazine. It offers a longer slide to improve your sight radius, and comes with a flat trigger. The XL version can accept an extended 15-round magazine, and comes with a red dot sight already installed.

The Sig P365 XL has a longer barrel and a slightly longer grip for flush-fitting 12-round magazines. A 15-round magazine is also available. The P365 weighs 26.3 ounces loaded, 3 ounces more than the standard P365. 

The P365 XL is about 3.7 inches long instead of 3.1 inches. It weighs 26.3 ounces loaded, making it 3 ounces heavier than the standard P365. The standard P365 allows the XSeries straight trigger upgrade, but the XL comes with it as standard. The XL also includes a set of Sig X-RAY3 night sights and micro red dot optic as standard.

Key Features


I favor striker-fired pistols without a manual safety because I don't want to continuously practice with one more thing in order to become and remain proficient. Those who prefer a safety on their weapons can select a manual safety variant from Sig. The above information gives you a place to start, but personal observations give you real information when deciding on a handgun for self-protection. Let's examine a little more.


The P365 XL offers a straight trigger from their x-series. I tested it on a trigger scale and found the pull was around 5.5 pounds. Personally, it makes the trigger full soft or mushy.

In my observations, I noticed the trigger would break at vertical (or 90 degrees). With a softer trigger this makes for really fast follow up shots. I did notice that depending on your trigger placement, there was a need for different pressure to pull the trigger. Higher up the trigger I noticed a need for more tension, and placing it lower gives you much more leverage, but will take longer.


The P365XL is a concealed carry and self-defensive firearm that features Sig's X-Ray3 Day and Night Sights. The X-Ray3 Sights are typical 3-dot sights that are simple to use. The rear sight is a basic square-notch with a tritium bulb on each side. The tritium glows brightly in low light and remains white in the daytime, making it easy to spot from a distance. 

I found the rear sights to be somewhat dimmer in daylight, but still simple to align with the front sight to create an instant picture. The front sight is a large green circle that was extremely visible on the range and was simple to spot immediately. Although I didn't fire this handgun in low light, I can vouch for the visibility and ease of these sights, because I have them on a few classic-line Sigs, and they are wonderful when the lights go out.

How Does The P365 XL Perform?


I'm not the best marksman, but I can usually hit what I'm aiming for with a handgun that has iron sights. The real challenge is how well you can see the sights and keep a good sight picture. Even so, shooting accurately at close range is still possible if you have a good grip and discipline with the trigger. I like to start each session at 3 yards. 

The first few rounds went well, with four shots in one hole and a couple more just above it. At 5 yards, seven shots were still fairly close together, but they were starting to open up a bit. I also increased the rate to about one shot per second. That's not as fast as in a competition, but it's not as slow as a marksmanship contest either. At 7 yards, the gun performed similarly to the 5-yard distance. Not all in one hole, but still plenty accurate for self-defense. 


SIG P365 XL is a simple semi-automatic gun with a striker system, just point and shoot. When you chamber a round with the 365 XL it will partially cock it. When a round is fired, the action completes the cocking and fires the bullet. 

After the round exits the barrel, the chamber will open and eject the spent cartridge case and load another round. The action operates smoothly and decisively when the weapon is cocked. 

This makes the gun very reliable, which is perfect for a concealed carry weapon.


The sandpaper-textured grip makes the XL simple to grasp, and harder to drop. The grip can be a little small, but gets made up for with the mag length. However, even if you have a large hand you’ll be fine.

The grip has a single dimple to assist with grip. The trigger guard can be a little thin, which contributes to the pistol's light weight. The trigger guard is beveled where it meets the grip to allow for a higher grasp. The frame has rails to mount lights or other devices, which are lacking on many pistols of this size.


  • Standard capacity of 12 rounds 
  • The extra-length grip makes shooting more comfortable 
  • Improved sights
  • Extended magazines hold up to 15 rounds 
  • Milled to fit a red dot sight 
  • Trigger is incredibly responsive


  • The gun is a little larger, making it not ideal for a concealed carry weapon. 
  • The rear sight has been removed. 
  • The 12 round mag is the minimum length.

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