Aimpoint 200250 Flip to Side Mount

The Aimpoint 200250 Flip to Side Mount is a versatile and easy-to-use mount that can be used for a variety of weapons. It allows you to easily attach your weapon to the side of your body without having to bend over or take up too much space. This mount is perfect for use with the HK416, but it can also be used with other weapons such as AKASO, M4A1, M16, etc.

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  • The Aimpoint is a small red dot sight that can be attached to your weapon.
  • It has three brightness settings and comes with a low battery indicator light.
  • This mount allows for the gunner to aim in any direction without having to turn their head.
  • There are also two ways to attach The Aimpoint to Your Weapon
  • You can use either of The Two Screws provided or you can purchase an optional Magnetic Attachment Bracket from


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