Aimpoint Micro Adjustment Cap for Windage and Elevation

The Aimpoint Micro Adjustment Cap is a versatile tool that can be used for windage and elevation adjustments on your rifle, shotgun or handgun. It features a detachable type design with a picatinny rail system that makes it easy to mount on your weapon. The cap comes in a variety of colors and has a unique design that will make you stand out in the field.

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  • The Aimpoint Micro Adjustment Cap is a windage and elevation adjustment device that allows the user to make minute adjustments to their firearm’s point of aim.
  • This product comes with two batteries, allowing it to be used as an emergency backup in case the primary power source goes out.
  • The cap features a locking mechanism so that it cannot move once installed on your rifle or handgun.
  • There are 20 minutes of use time on each battery.


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