Aimpoint H30L 30mm Tube Red Dot Reflex Sight, Long

The Aimpoint H30L 30mm Tube Red Dot Reflex Sight is perfect for hunting or any other outdoor activity. With its incredible speed and accuracy, it allows you to keep both eyes open and focused on your target, increasing your success rate. The advanced objective lens system provides better light transmission and unmatched optical clarity, while the adjustment turret caps are the only tools required to zero the sight. The fully waterproof design withstood multiple drops from 5 feet without any issues.

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  • The Aimpoint H30L is an incredibly fast and accurate rifle scope that can be used with both eyes open.
  • It has an advanced objective lens system that provides unmatched clarity and light transmittance.
  • There are 12 positions available for brightness control, allowing users to customize their experience.
  • Finally, this product is fully waterproof and able to withstand extreme conditions.


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