Aimpoint Mount Micro T-1 Kit

The Aimpoint Mount Micro T-1 Kit is a complete package that includes everything you need to mount your Aimpoint sights on your weapon. It comes with a mount and two aiming lasers in the same package. The mount is easy to use and can be mounted on any weapon. The mount has been tested and proven on all types of weapons from assault rifles to sniper rifles.

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  • The Aimpoint Mount Micro T1 is a compact red dot optic that offers superior durability and performance.
  • It has a color temperature of 5400K (cool white) with an adjustable brightness level.
  • Aimpoints are made from optical grade PVC plastic which provides long lasting clarity and resistance to breakage or deformation.
  • This mount comes equipped with two batteries, making it possible to operate the device even if there is no power available.


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