Barrett Firearms .416 Barett 452 Grain Cutting Edge MTAC

The .416 Barrett is the perfect caliber for hunting large, dangerous game or taking out targets in the backyard. The 452-grain cutting-edge MTAC bullet carries a devastating 9062.5-lb. of energy at 3005 fps, making this the perfect cartridge for stopping any threat. Its brass case and 1:12″ twist make the .416 Barrett a stable and accurate cartridge that can be fired accurately in any weather. The best part? This caliber is now available in 10-box lots or 80-box lots (80-box cases ship in two shipments of 20 boxes) at an amazing price.

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Bullet Style: Cutting Edge MTAC
Caliber/Gauge: 416 Barrett
Bullet Weight: 452 grain
Muzzle Energy: 9062.5 lb/ft
Muzzle Velocity: 3005 fps
Length: 4.65″
Case Material: Brass
Application: Hunting/Target
Packaging Quantity: 10/Box, 80 Box/Case
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.83 (G1), 0.47 (G7)
Bullet Diameter: 0.416″
Bullet Length: 2.091″
Temperature Rating: 59 deg F
Pressure Rating: 29.92 in Hg
Wind Angle: 90 deg
Barrel Twist: 1:12″


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