BARSKA Loaded Gear RX-300 Tactical Rifle Bag

The BARSKA Loaded Gear RX-300 Tactical Rifle Bag is perfect for storing and transporting your favorite guns. With its heavy duty zipper and buckle closures, this bag will keep your weapons safe and secure. The numerous pockets with buckle or velcro closures are perfect for organizing and storing your gear. The bag also features a shooting mat and detachable straps for easy carrying.

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  • The BARSKA Loaded Gear RX300 Tactical Rifle Bag has multiple compartments for storing various types of firearms.
  • It includes a padded interior and an exterior pocket for holding magazines.
  • There are also several accessory pockets on both sides as well as a removable shoulder strap.
  • This particular model of the gun safe is made from durable polyester fabric which is tear resistant.


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