Bianchi 4620H Black Semi Auto 3-5 Round Tuxedo Holster

The BIANCHI 4620H is a versatile and stylish way to carry your favorite handgun. This holster features a trilaminate construction that reinforces the structural integrity of the holster. It also has a 420 denier pack cloth exterior for long wear and featherweight comfort. The soft suede-like lining provides maximum comfort and protection for your gun. The BIANCHI 4620H will fit most handguns from .380 ACP up to 9mm Luger.

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  • The Bianchi Tuxedo Horizontal Shoulder Holster System is designed to be lightweight and comfortable.
  • It has a trilaminate construction that provides padded protection for the gun.
  • Fits Browning Hi Power, Colt Combat Commander, Government, Officers ACP, Kimber Compact, Ultra, Ultra 10 ,Ultra Carry II , Ruger GP100 ,Parapolice P12 ,P13 ,P14 ,P16 ,S&W 411 ,909 ,910 ,915 ,1006 ,1026 ,1046 ,1066 ,1076 ,1086 ,3913 ,3914 ,39542 ,4006 ,40133 ,40134 ,40254 ,40256 ,40564 ,40584 ,40686


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