Bianchi Black Widow Hip Holster

The Bianchi 5 Black Widow Hip Holster is a compact, ultra hi-ride holster that fits Ruger GP100 2-4 inch pistols. It features two belt slots for up to 1. 75″ belts and a snap closure. The dual belt slots provide superior stability and the ultra hi-ride design provides excellent concealability.

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  • The Bianchi Model 5 Black Widow Hip Holster is a handgun holster that is worn on the hip.
  • It has an open muzzle design for various barrel lengths, as well as double stitching for strength and reliability.
  • The holster also features two belt slots for a 1.75″ belt.
  • This holster provides an ultra high ride for comfort and concealability.


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  • Well Built
  • Can Be Used With A Variety Of Weapons
  • Convenient And Easy To Use
  • Good Concealment
  • Minimal Wear And Tear


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Firearms