BLACKHAWK Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Holster, Black

The BLACKHAWK Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Holster is a versatile and modular holster that can be used as a thigh holster, ankle holster, or knee holster. It features an elastic, rubberized leg strap for stability and comfort, and has three side-release buckles for easy adjustment. The thumb break is adjustable for different hand sizes, and the front-mounted pouch provides extra storage for magazines, knives, or lights. This holster is perfect for use with any weapon system, and is ideal for self-defense, law enforcement, or military applications.

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  • The BLACKHAWK! Omega VI ultra Universal modular light holster is available in left hand or right handed configurations.
  • It has an adjustable thumb break and comes with an additional hook & Loop retention feature.
  • There are also pouches located at the back of the holster to store items like magazines or knives.
  • Finally, this holster includes quick release belt mounts so you can easily transition it between your gun and other gear.


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