Bushnell Fusion X 10x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars

The Bushnell Fusion X 10x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars are perfect for hunting or any other outdoor activity. With a built-in rangefinder, these binoculars will give you an accurate distance to your target. The angle range finder allows you to easily identify the distance to your target at different angles. And the bullet drop compensation mode lets you know when the bullet dropped too far or not far enough from the target.

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  • The Bushnell Fusion X comes with an advanced optical system that provides high quality images even in low light situations.
  • This binocular also includes multiple modes of operation including range finding capabilities as well as bullet drop compensation.
  • Finally, this hunting scope is waterproofed with an IP67 rating making it resistant to water damage.


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