ClipDraw Trigger Sheath Guard Bundle

The ClipDraw Gun Belt Clip and Trigger Sheath Bundle is a perfect addition to your collection. This bundle includes everything you need to carry concealed without a bulky holster. The trigger sheath prevents accidental discharge when carrying your pistol and the clip draw allows you to quickly access your weapon.

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  • The ClipDraw Gun Belt Clip and Trigger Sheath Trigger Guard Bundle includes a Trigger Sheath and ClipDraw.
  • The package also includes an Allen wrench for easy installation.
  • The ClipDraw belt clip attaches to the side of your gun and has two mounting holes.
  • It comes with four screws and four washers.
  • To use, simply replace your slide cover plate and attach the clip to the side of your gun.


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  • Slim And Secure
  • Concealed Carry Without A Bulky, Uncomfortable Holster
  • Simple Do It Yourself Installation
  • All Parts Included


  • The Product Is Made Of Cheap Materials