Cold Steel Cleaver 9.0 In Blade

The Cold Steel Commercial Cleaver is perfect for any professional kitchen or home cook who wants to get the job done quickly and easily. This cleaver features a stainless steel blade that is heat treated to HRC58-60, making it sharp and durable. The handle is made of high quality aluminum alloy for maximum durability and strength. With its sleek design, this cleaver will look great on your countertop while still being easy to use.

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  • The Cold Steel Commercial Cleaver is a multipurpose cleaver that can be used for both meat processing and culinary tasks.
  • It features a carbon steel blade that is designed to easily penetrate tough cuts of meat.
  • This particular model also comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that provides comfort during use.
  • Finally, this cleaver includes a builtin retractable cutting board so you dont have to waste time constantly reaching for your chopping block.


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