Cold Steel 88PKW Seagal Signature

The Cold Steel Seagal Signature is perfect for those who want to take their knife skills to the next level. This blade features a wide, curved and wickedly keen 15 1/4 inch made from Damascus steel, which is very durable and has a polished finish that will look great in any kitchen or workspace. With a clay tempered hamon and pronounced false edge, this blade is sure to give you years of use.

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  • The Cold Steel 88PKW Seagal Signature has a wide, curved, and keen 15 1/4″ naginata style blade.
  • It is made from Damaskins steel which is hamaguri ground and highly polished with a clay tempered Hamon.
  • This particular model comes with a 7 1/4″ handle that is tightly wrapped in Black Leather for added protection.
  • The TSUBA, FUCHI AND KASHIRA all have a distinct Vajra Motif


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