Cold Steel Gold Lion Katana Multi, 41.25″

The Cold Steel Gold Lion Katana is a beautiful and functional weapon that is perfect for any ninja or samurai. This katana features a black lacquer wood scabbard, a sam (ray skin) handle with black braided cord and brass menuki, and a 30 inch blade made from high-quality, hand-honed, and tempered damascus steel. With its multi-color accents, this katana will add some style to your outfit while still being practical and easy to use.

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  • The Cold Steel Gold Lion Katana has a black lacquer scabbard.
  • It features a sam hanle with braided cord and brass menuki.
  • The blade is made from hand honed, highly polished Damascus steel that has been ground on a polishing wheel.
  • There are also 24 carat gold leaf accents on the tsuba, fuchi, and kashira.


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