Cold Steel Talwar 5 1/2″ Plain Edge

The Cold Steel Talwar 5 1/2″ Plain Edge / 12 7/8″ Overall / 5 is a great choice for those who are looking for a hunting knife that will last them a lifetime. This knife features a full tang construction, making it stronger and more durable than other knives on the market. It also has a plain edge blade, which means you can use it to skin game or prepare food with ease.

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  • The Cold Steel CS21TBX is a hunting knife that has a folding blade.
  • It also comes with an antler handle and sheath.
  • This particular model of the talwar features a plain edge, meaning it will cut through material easily.
  • Overall length on this model is 5.0 inches (12.6 cm).
  • Blade thickness is 0.5 mm (.02 inch), making it super sharp.


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