Coleman Air Mattress Double-High SupportRest

The Coleman Air Mattress is a high-quality air mattress that provides superior support and comfort. The coil construction contours to the body for better support, and the velvet-like plush top provides more comfort. The reinforced construction adds stability, and the dual-sealed valve prevents leaks. The dimensions are 75 x 39 x 18 inches, and it fits standard twin-size sheets. The Coleman Air Mattress is compatible with Coleman air bed pumps (sold separately), and it comes with an integrated storage area for easy folding, rolling, and storing.

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  • The Coleman Air Mattress has superior support with a coil construction that contours to the body for better support.
  • It is double high with an extra height making getting in and out of bed easier.
  • The velvetlike plush top provides more comfort while the reinforced construction adds stability.
  • There are no leaks with the dual sealed valve preventing any leaks from occurring.


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  • Double High Height
  • New Pump
  • Firmness Same As Initial Inflation


  • Still Smells Like New Mattress