Coleman Personal Survival First Aid Tin (74-Piece), Metallic

The Coleman Personal Survival First Aid Tin is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. This durable tin features a metallic finish that is sure to stand out in any environment. The tin is made from a recyclable material and is designed to be durable and protect the contents inside.

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  • The Coleman Personal Survival First Aid Tin includes 5 items that are commonly used in first aid situations.
  • The tin is made of crush resistant tin to protect the contents inside from being damaged.
  • 100% of the tin is recyclable and it is made of aluminum which is also environment friendly.
  • The tin can be used for camping, hiking, boating, etc.


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  • Good For Minor Scratches
  • Nice Hard Case
  • Brought It To Replace The One I Have Kept On My Motorcycle


  • None Found