Coleman Lumens LED Headlamp with BatteryGuard

The Coleman Lumens LED Headlamp is a high-quality headlamp that is perfect for any outdoor activity. With its durable construction and adjustable head strap, this headlamp will last you for years to come. The LED light source provides bright illumination, while the battery guard prevents battery drain. The lamp is also IPX4 waterproof and impact resistant, making it ideal for any outdoor adventure.

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  • The Coleman Lumens LED Headlamp with BatteryGuard prevents battery drain and extends the life of the battery.
  • The lamp has a color multicolor option and comes with three AAA batteries.
  • The light source is an LED and the material is ABS.
  • The included components are the headlamp itself and a set of batteries


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  • Red Light Option Is Brighter Than Previous Models
  • Can Be Used For Longer Periods Of Time
  • Does A Great Job Reducing Bug Attraction
  • Very Comfortable


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