CYTAC Level Duty Holster Glock

The CYTAC Level III/Level II Duty Holster for Glock 17 is perfect for those who need a reliable, durable holster that will keep their gun secure while on-duty. This holster features a thumb-break pivot guard for added security, and a special drop leg platform that allows for easy access to your weapon. It also has non-slip leg bands for added stability.

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  • The holster is designed for use with the Glock 17 handgun.
  • It has a thumb break pivot guard for added security.
  • The level three duty holster also features a special drop leg platform that is applicable to various scenarios such as law enforcement, tactics, and the military.
  • Finally, the non slip leg bands are meant to keep the gun in place during certain movements.


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  • Fits Most Glocks
  • Thumb-Break Pivotal Guard
  • Specialized Leg Strap For Better Carrying
  • Non-Slip Leg Bands


  • May Be Too Small For Some People