Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap 1 Ct.

The D – CON Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap is a cost-effective way to keep your home safe from unwanted guests. This covered snap trap features a durable construction, with a thick layer of protective material protecting the user from scratches or accidental triggers. The D – CON Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap is designed to be easy to use, with a simple push mechanism that allows you to easily open and close the trap.

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  • Covered snap trap that is cost effective, easy to set & reusable
  • Covered snap with tunnel entrance & sensitive trigger means no stolen bait & effective, humane kill
  • Easy to set & no fear of snapping your fingers
  • Designed to reduce your chance to come in contact with rodents & no risk of contact with dead mice


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  • Easy To Set
  • Fast At Catching Mice
  • Can Be Cleaned Easily
  • Doesn’T Require Replacing Bait


  • The Trap Has A Strong Spring That May Be Difficult For Some People