DD Quickdraw Magnet Magnetic Mount

The DD Quickdraw Gun Magnet & Magnetic Gun Mount is a perfect way to keep your firearms secure in your home or office. This mount features two unique designs that make it easy to install and use. The first design is a magnet that attaches to the bottom of your firearm, while the second is a holster that can be used to carry your weapon concealed. With its superior magnets and easy-to-use design, this mount is perfect for any situation where security is a concern.

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  • The DD Quickdraw Gun Magnet & Magnetic Gun Mount is designed to only fit flat top firearms.
  • It comes with two types of mounting hardware: 8* 0.75 inch and 8*1.2 inch screws.
  • The Quickdraw is easy to install and can be mounted in many different locations.
  • This product also includes four colloidal particles that will expand to fill any holes made by the screws.


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  • Quick Draw
  • Superior Magnets
  • Unique Design And Structure
  • More Safety For You
  • Package Includes 2 Magnetic Gun Clips, 8* 0.75 Inch Mounting Screws, 8* 1.2 Inch Mounting Screws, 8* Colloidal Particles


  • Not Fit Every Sig Or 1911s