DESANTIS Nemesis Holster Ambidextrous N38BJG5Z0

The DeSantis Gunhide Nemesis Pocket Holster is perfect for carrying your Ruger LCP, Keltec P3AT, or any other concealed carry weapon. This holster features a sleek design that fits perfectly in your front pocket. It’s made from high-quality neoprene and has a detachable Type-C cable for easy recharging.

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  • The DeSantis Gunhide Nemesis Pocket Holster is designed to fit the Ruger LCP II and other select models.
  • The pocket holster is made from high quality materials including a packcloth lining and a soft polyester foam core.
  • The holster features a Crimson Trace laser engraved logo on the side.
  • The inside of the holster is finished with a matte black velvet material for a luxurious look.


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  • Sturdy
  • Fits Most Weapons
  • Can Be Used In Different Positions
  • Low Friction Draw


  • More Expensive Than Other Brands