One Way Squirrel and Rodent Trap – Copper Mesh Wool

The Excluder One Way Squirrel and Rodent Trap is a reliable and effective way to keep unwanted guests out of your home. With a durable construction and premium materials, this trap is built to last. The spring-loaded door ensures that the animal will not reenter, and the copper mesh provides a secure and airtight seal. The trap is easy to install and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • This device is designed to help a trapped squirrel or rat get out of an attic or enclosed area.
  • First you must locate the hole they used to get in.
  • Secure this one way door to the hole.
  • Place some bait at the end of the device to lure the rodent out.
  • Place a camera or trail cam facing the exit hole to watch your uninvited guest vacate.


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  • The Neighbor Ended Up With A Mama And Four Baby Squirrels In Her Attic.
  • I Wanted To Make Sure They Were All Out Before I Sealed The Hole.
  • It Worked Just The Way It Should Have Done.


  • The Neighbor Might Not Hear You For A While.