Federal .458 Lott 500 Grain Fusion

Looking for a big game bullet that’s totally different from anything else out there? Look no further than the 458 Lott 500gr Fusion. This revolutionary bullet is the result of years of development, and it’s packed full of cutting-edge technology that ensures maximum performance. The fusion design results in a bullet that’s both lightweight and aerodynamic, which helps it maintain its stability in the air. Plus, the highly-focused energy it generates ensures that it’ll always put the hurt on your target with maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re shooting for long-range accuracy or close-range dispatch, the 458 Lott 500gr Fusion has you covered. So don’t wait any longer, get yourself a pack of these amazing bullets today!

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MFR # F458LFS1
458 LOTT 500gr Fusion
Fusion. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before… not just a bullet…a radically different technology that radiates energy, empowers the predator, and unleashes performance unthinkable by any conventional means.


Skived Tip: Provides long range expansion potential plus short range toughness. No conventional technology delivers this combination.
Pressure-formed core: Achieves combination of expansion and strength never before available in a deer rifle projectile.
Molecular-fused jacket: Totally eliminates component separation, unlike other conventional methods. Uniform deposition builds balance, stability and accuracy.
Optimized boat-tail profile: Boosts aerodynamic efficiency for extreme accuracy at mid to long range. Provides enhanced versatility and reliable terminal performance.


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