Galco Avenger Belt Holster fits 5″ 1911 RH Tan

The Galco Avenger Belt Holster is a great way to keep your 1911 holster secure and close at hand. This belt holster features a unique design that allows for easy access and removal of the weapon, while providing maximum protection for the gun. Made from high-quality leather, this holster will last you for years of use.

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  • The Galco Avenger belt holster is designed for the 1911 style handgun.
  • It features a unique dual retention system that keeps your gun secure while also allowing you to easily access it.
  • This particular model has an adjustable length of pull (AoP) and can be adjusted to fit different sized waists.
  • There are two ways to wear this holster; under or over depending on personal preference.


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