GALCO CTS226B COP 3 Slot Leather Belt Holster

The GALCO CTS226B COP 3 Slot Leather Belt Holster is a perfect fit for your everyday carry. Made from high-quality leather, this holster is durable and stylish. With an adjustable retention strap, it will stay in place while you work. The thumb break is easy to use and the butt-forward, crossdraw or neutral cant allows you to easily access your weapon.

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  • The Galco CTS226B COP3Slot Leather Belt Holster is designed for use with Glocks.
  • It has a right hand design and is made of premium cowhide.
  • The belt loop on this holster secures it well to your waistband.
  • There are also two other holsters included in the package; one for each hand.


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