Gingbau 2-Pack Rat Traps Humane Live Chipmunk

The Gingbau 2-Pack Rat Traps are perfect for catching rodents such as chipmunks, rats, and mice. These traps come in a set of two and are made of high-quality steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The traps have a silver color and a brand name that is familiar to anyone who has ever used a mouse trap or rat trap. The traps feature a slide bar that is easy to use and a detachable type-C cable that makes it easy to set up and store. The traps also have an auto door lock that prevents the rodent from escaping.

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  • The product is made by Gingbau.
  • It is designed for chipmunks, rats, mice, and other similar sized animals.
  • You can catch the animals alive and release them far away from your home.
  • The structure is high sensitive to trigger the trap.
  • There is an autoor lock with a latch design.


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  • Largest Cage
  • Easy To Set
  • Cute
  • Closes Automatically
  • Can Be Kept


  • One Rodent May Have Had A Loose End Of Metal That Could Bend Easily