GopherHawk Trapping Set Includes Wedge & Probe Tool

The GopherHawk Gopher Trapping Set is a complete gopher and mole trapping set that includes everything you need to get started. The set includes a trap, wedge, and probe tool, as well as detailed instructions for setting and using the traps. The set is made of high-quality plastic and is rust-resistant and toxin-free, making it an ideal choice for any home or garden.

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  • The GopherHawk Trapping Set includes the Trap, Wedge, and Probe tool.
  • It is easy to set up without any digging or mess.
  • The GopherHawk probe tool is used to find the gopher or mole tunnel.
  • The GopherHawk wedge tool is used to make a hole down to the gopher or mole tunnel.
  • Easy to set up


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  • Catches A Lot Of Moles
  • Light And Flexible
  • Can Be Bended Easily
  • Affordable


  • The Metal Bars Are Light And Flexible
  • Can Be Bent Easily