Catch and Release Live Animal Traps

The Grip 2-Trap Value Pack is a great way to get started with trapping. The large trap is perfect for capturing large animals such as rabbits, while the small trap is ideal for capturing small animals like chipmunks. The traps are made of durable all-steel construction and are easy to set up and use.

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  • This product is a value pack of 2 live animal traps.
  • The traps are made of alloy steel and have a galvanized finish.
  • The traps are set with the GFA gravity flow activation mechanism which makes setting them easy and reliable.
  • Both traps can be used indoors or outdoors and are designed to catch the most common nuisance animals.


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  • Catches A Variety Of Small Animals
  • Relocates Them
  • Can Be Controlled


  • Mice May Not Be Reliable For Harvesting