Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

The perfect addition to your home defense arsenal, the Gerusia Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount is a great way to keep your gun close at hand and out of sight when you’re not using it. This mount works with small or large handguns and can be used on most vehicles. It’s easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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  • The product is a handgun mount that works with small or large handguns.
  • It is designed to be quick and accessible, making it ideal for those who often carry a gun and may not want to keep it on them while driving.
  • The mount does not require tools for installation and comes with non-marking clips.
  • It can be used with most belt loop holders and also some car console mounts.


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  • Quick And Accessible
  • Secure Fit
  • No Tools Required
  • Fits Most Handguns
  • Can Be Used With Other Belts


  • May Not Fit All Vehicles