Crossbow Scope 3X32 (340 fps), 1″

The Hawke XB Crossbow Scope is perfect for archers who are looking for an affordable and durable scope that will give them the edge in any game. With its 11-layer fully multicoated optics, this scope provides outstanding clarity and contrast for every shot. The XB Crossbow Scope features a robust one-inch monotube design that can withstand the heavy crossbow recoils of even the most powerful bows. It also has an illuminated glass etched reticle that makes it easy to use at night or in low light conditions.

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  • The XB Crossbow Scope has 11layer fullymulticoveredopticsforexcellentclarity.
  • It is made ofaluminumandisrobustenoughtodurantypassivestrongcrossbowrecoil.
  • Thechassisismonotubeanddesignedforyourspeedof340feetpersecond.
  • Therearealsoquickandsafezeroattributeswithcrossbowspecificclick
  • Thismakesiteasytohitthetargetwithprecision.
  • Finally,therearefivelevelsofilluminationredgreenwhichyoucanadjustusingaRheostatonyourbundle.


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  • Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes
  • Easy To Install
  • Comes With A Built-in Filter
  • Compatible With All Windows And Mac Operating Systems


  • May Not Fit Some People’S Hands Well