Hevi-Shot Hevi-Steel 3.5 Inch 10 Gauge

HEVI-Shot first all-steel shotshell, HEVI-Steel, travels at 1500 fps as opposed to 1450 fps for competing fast steel loads. (1-1/4 ounces, 3 inches, 12 gauge) At 30 yards and 40 yards, respectively, this increase in speed produces 9% and 8% more energy. In summary, fewer birds are injured and you have more knockout power. HEVI-Steel is the most lethal steel shotshell currently on the market thanks to its clean-burning powder and precisely made premium steel shot that has been loaded to Environ-Metal, Inc.’s strict loading requirements. High-quality HEVI-Steel shells packaged in typical 25-round boxes. In comparison to conventional steel shotshells, HEVI-Shot nontoxic steel loads allow you to fire greater weights at higher speeds.

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