Holosun HE530C-RD Elite Titanium Solar Tube Sight

The Holosun HE530C-RD Elite Titanium Solar Tube Sight is a high-quality and durable solar tube sight that is perfect for airsoft games. With its titanium construction, this solar tube sight will last you for years of use. The red reticle makes it easy to see at night or in low light conditions.

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  • The Holosun HE530C has a large field of view.
  • It features a multireticle system that lets you change between having a high quality 2MOA dot and a low quality 65MOA circle dot.
  • Holosun’s solar safe technology ensures that this scope will work even if there is no power available.
  • Shake awake technology reduces battery drain by putting the scope to sleep when not being used and waking it back up with the slightest movement.


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