Holosun H403C-GR Green Dot Solar Failsafe

The Holosun HE403C-GR is a great choice for hunters who are looking for an affordable and reliable way to get a better view of their game. This sight features a 20mm micro optical green dot sight that has been tested and proven to be durable and reliable. It also comes with a lower 1/3 witness mount that allows you to attach your scope or rifle to your body without having to worry about it falling off.

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  • The Holosun HE403C-GR has a solar safe feature that turns the sight off if there is not enough sunlight.
  • It has multiple uses, such as target shooting, hunting, and law enforcement purposes.
  • This particular model comes with two batteries, so it has twice the runtime compared to other similar products.
  • There are twelve brightness settings available, allowing users to adjust the display according to their needs.
  • Finally, the rubber cover helps protect the lens from damage or dirt buildup.


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