Holster Builder Retention Carrier System

The Holster Builder Speed Lock Retention System is perfect for ensuring optimum retention of your holstered firearm. This retention system features a powerful spring-loaded hood that can securely hold your gun in place. It also has a smooth thumb release that allows for immediate access to your weapon.

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  • HolsterBuilder Speed Lock Retention System has clear advantages over similar options currently on the market.
  • It allows for a secured closed retention (Level 2) hood, meeting many large professional agencies holster requirements.
  • The thumb release is perfectly sized and positioned for repeatable positive activation of the release while securing a firm grip all in one single motion.
  • It is compatible with the common BladeTech WRS so no holster or mold redesign is required to adopt this superior retention device.


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  • Made Of High Quality Leather
  • Retention System
  • Smooth Action Thumb Release
  • Package Includes Mounting Hardware
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • May Not Fit All Handguns