Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott 500 Grain Bonded

When you’re looking for the perfect ammunition for your next big game hunt, you want something that’s reliable, accurate, and powerful. Hornady has you covered with the .458 Lott ammo. This 500-grain expanding ammo is made with copper-clad steel bullets that are highly resistant to corrosion and will stand up to the punishment of the hunt. With a muzzle energy of over 5,872 lb-ft and a muzzle velocity of 2,300 fps, this is the ammunition you need to put your game down quickly and safely.

The Hornady Dangerous Game line is designed for large game, including dangerous game. With tough brass casings, high-energy bullets, and a ballistic coefficient of 0.295, this ammunition is sure to put meat in your freezer. Order your .458 Lott today and put a big hit on your next game hunt.

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Manufacturer: Hornady
Model Number: 82614
Ammo Bullet Type: Expanding Bonded
Ammo Casing Type: Brass
Ammo Bullet Weight: 500 grain
Ammo Round Count: 20/Box
Caliber Multi: .458 Lott
Muzzle Energy: 5872 lb/ft
Muzzle Velocity: 2300 fps
Application: Large Game (300 to 1500 lb), Dangerous Game
Series/Collection: Dangerous Game
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.295 (G1)
Bullet Material: Copper-Clad Steel
Sectional Density: 0.341


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