Kenai Chest Holster Glock Right

The GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster is perfect for those who want a reliable and durable holster that can withstand the rigors of any adventure. This holster features a kydex construction that is light but strong, with a nylon lining that provides maximum protection for your gun while still being comfortable to wear. With its unique design, this holster will never go out of style.

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  • The Kenai Chest Holster is designed for carrying a firearm while participating in various outdoor activities.
  • It features a comfortable harness and buckles to help keep the firearm secure.
  • The holster is made of nylon and has a solution dyed finish for lasting durability.
  • It is also UV resistant.
  • Finally, the holster has a 4 way stretch yoke to increase comfort and mobility.


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  • Made For Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Great For Hikers, Backpackers, And Campers
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Securely Holds A Gun


  • May Not Be Suitable For Some People