Kershaw Downforce, Lightweight Multi Tool for Keychain

The Kershaw Downforce is a versatile and lightweight multi-function tool that can be used as a keychain tool, screwdriver, bottle opener, or pry bar. This tool features a durable construction with a black wash finish that will hide any use scratches. It also comes with an orange “see me” glass-filled nylon cover that makes it easy to spot the tool on your keychain.

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  • The Kershaw DownForce is a multipurpose tool that can be used as a keychain fob, doorstop, or emergency whistle
  • It has three useful functions including opening bottles with the builtin bottle opener, turning screws with the Philips screwdriver, and prying open jammed doors with the mini prybar.
  • This multitool is made from durable 3CR13 stainless steel which has a black wash finish.
  • The Orange “See Me” glass filled nylon cover makes this item easy to spot in a toolkit while also protecting against wear and tear.
  • Jimping on the handle increases friction between the fingers and the blade for added security when using the tool.


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