Kershaw and Chris Cole Kickflip, 3.25 in. Skateboarding Multi Tool

The Kershaw and Chris Cole Kickflip is a versatile multi-purpose tool that can be used on any skateboard. This compact and easy to carry tool has been designed to make adjusting your skateboard simple and quick. With its various features, it is perfect for any skater who wants to improve their skills and enjoy themselves while doing so.

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  • The Kershaw & Chris Cole Kickflip Multitool has various features that make it an effective adjustment device.
  • It is designed in a collaboration between Chris Cole and the Kershaw Design Team.
  • This product includes a corrugated cardboard box as well as other accessories.
  • You can easily store and carry The Kickflip Tool in your backpack, purse, wallet, or car console.
  • Finally, The included components are made out of stainless steel.


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